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Toys McCoy - Indiana Jones Figures
Released by Toys McCoy in 1999.

Box cover
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Indiana Jones

This highly detailed 12" high Indiana Jones figure exists in a limited production of only 3.000 units.

a 12" Hasbro Classic Collection body.
a pair of special articulate hands.
additional left hand to hold the golden idol.
additional right hand to hold whip or bag.
Leather jacket.
a leather braided whip.
Leather bag strap.
Leather holser.
Removable socks.
Alden boots.
a pair of pants.
a shirt.
a whip belt.
a fedora.
Cotton belt with army buckle.
Leather belt with ranger buckle.
a satchel.
a revolver with rotating bullet chamber.
a sand bag with sand.
the Golden Idol of Fertility.

A custom made Grail Diary, stone tablet and Grail cup were also made for this Toys McCoy figure. These custom items can sometimes be found at

Box cover
Box back

Arabian Horse

This 1/6 scale Arabian Horse exists in a Limited Production of 1.000 units. The horse is sold separately from the Indy figure, and is twice as hard to find.

The same white horse Indy rode in
Raiders of the Lost Ark. A great companion for Indiana Jones. Indy can ride the horse which moves back and forth since there are wheels in the legs.

a 1/6 Scale Arabian horse
an Arabian carpet
a saddle
Travel bags


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