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Kotobukiya has many Indy products planned, unfortunately not all of it is bound for the US, with Kotobukiya telling about a large number of Japanese exclusives. Kotobukiya has the license to all four films, including the upcoming Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, across 5 different product categories.

Model Kits:
Kotobukiya will also produce model kits of the vehicles including the flying wing from Raiders, and the tank (rpresumably from Last Crusade). Again this is Japan only. The model kits are 1/35th scale with little figures like him fighting the german on the wing. Each kit will consist of anywhere between 3 to 500 parts. There will also be a larger scaled kit of Indy and his dad on the motorcycle.

Urban Vinyl Figures:
Kotobukiya has also teamed up with Urban Vinyl artists, Panson Works Group, to release 6" rotocast urban vinyl figures of Indy and his dad. As before, these pieces will only be available in Japan.



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