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Micro Machines
In 1995 Galoob released a boxed collection with nine Micro Machines
vehicles and one bonus Indy figure from the three adventure films.
Front of box
Back of box

Micro Machines Box Set

This box sets was sold in 1995 and contained a total of 10 vehicles and one Indiana Jones figure. The vehicles included in this box are:

Raiders of the Lost Ark:
1. Pontoon Bi-plane
2. Pan Am Clipper Plane
3. Flying Wing
4. German Staff Car

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:
5. Duesenberg
6. Ford Trimotor Plane
7. Mine Car with figures

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:
8. Wooden Motor Boat
9. Zeppelin with Bi-plane
10. German Tank

Front of blister
Back of blister

Micro Machines Blisterpacks

These vehicles were also sold in Spain as seperate blisterpacks. There were 3 different packs, each representing one of the Indiana Jones films.

Each blisterpack contained 3 vehicles and 1 Indiana Jones figure. The Raiders pack contained the same Indy figure as in the US box set. The Temple of Doom pack contained a different Indy figure with machete and whip. And the Last Crusade pack included the young Indy figure.

The Flying Wing vehicle was not included in any of the blisterpacks.


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Unproduced Playset

Here you see some photos of an amazing unproduced Galoob Micro Machines playset.

Nick, the lucky owner of this playset, has the following to add:
"This item was a ONE off prototype that was presented to Galoob toy company a number of years ago. It has a number of action features - when you press the Rock, the Tanker car flips. The Golden Idol triggers a falling wall and much more".

click to enlarge Early Box Art

The artist responsible for the Indy illustration on the Micro Machines box is Jayson Palmer. Palmer also designed a Box for this toyline which was eventually not used by Galoob.

Here on the left you can view Palmer's original illustration, used as inspirations for the lighter/orange Indy Micro Machines Box released in 1995.

- Throw Me The Idol


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