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Kenner - Series 2: Playsets
Released in 1983.

Desert Convoy Truck

The Desert Convoy Truck was the only vehicle released as part of Kenner's Raiders of the Lost Ark toy line.
It was designed with a pull rope feature. This feature pulled any figure attached to the drag bar and rope toward the truck as the truck was rolled forward.

The Vehicle was packaged with most of it's loose parts assembled on the vehicle body already. The only parts not attached to the vehicle already were the canopy and the drag bar with rope.

1 canopy
1 drag bar with rope
1 front grill
1 tailgate
1 luggage rack
2 spare tires (identical)
2 doors (left and right)
2 rear seats (identical)

Convoy Truck loose

Streets of Cairo

The Streets of Cairo Playset came packaged in a box with an offset flap.

This set includes an exclusive Monkey Man figure as well as a non-articulated crouched Marion figure (to fit inside the basket) and a Monkey figure.
This monkey is cast in a different pose than the version added to the Marion figure on card! Which makes this Monkey the only other character appearing more than once within this toy line -- except Indy, Marion and Belloq.

Monkey Man figure with knife & robe
single piece Monkey figure
single piece crouched Marion figure
6-piece cart: 2 wheels, a chassis, a body,a tailgate and a set of legs
5-piece table: 4 legs and a table top
13 fruits: 10 oranges and 3 melons
3 different baskets and 3 different lids for the baskets

Monkey Man looseMarion and Monkey loosePlayset loose


Photos by Bryan Main.


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