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Kenner - Series 1: Playsets
Released in late 1982.

Well of the Souls

The Well of Souls Playset came in a rectangular box, the front the same as the back. As with the other boxed playsets.

The Playset came packaged completely unassembled. Each grouping came packaged in a plastic bag except for the playset base and the 2-piece breakaway wall.

This playset is noteworthy among collectors for its contents and packaging. The set includes an enormous amount of accessories for its size, including a brilliant gold miniature Ark!

1 playset base
2-piece breakaway wall
2 arches (identical)
4 arch legs (2 right & 2 left)
2 Ark carrying poles (identical)
3-piece Ark (angels, ark lid, ark base)
1 crypt cover
1 hook with rope
2 torches (identical)
14 different snakes (gray and black)
1 mummy

The Ark loose

The Map Room

The Map Room Playset came packaged in a box with an offset flap.

This playset also includes an exclusive Indiana Jones in Arab Disguise figure packaged wearing his robe and with his revolver in a plastic bag.
All the other figure accessories were packaged together in a separate bag.

Indiana Jones in Arab Disguise figure
1 Map Room Floor
1 Transit and Tripod
1 Staff of Ra with Medallion
1 Hand Bag
1 Book
1 Pick
1 Revolver
1 Robe
1 Hook
1 Rope

Indy in Arab Disguise looseMap Room FloorPlayset loose


Photos by Bryan Main.


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