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Hasbro - 3¾" Figure Vehicles
Release: May 1, 2008
carded vehicle

Fabric Canopy Cargo Truck
Number: 46750
Release: July 2008
Price: $25.99 USD

The Indiana Jones Cargo Truck lets you take Indy on a wild ride… just like in the movies! This vehicle has a breakaway grille that pushes a figure under the truck. A whip drags behind the vehicle, dragging Indy (or your favorite figure) in the dirt. What's more, handgrips and footholds on top of the vehicle keep figures attached to the sides, allowing you to transport several troops. Claim this treasure for yourself and add it to your trove of Indy delights! Figures sold separately.

Indiana Jones' famous adventures have involved a variety of unique and entertaining cars, trucks, motorcycles, and the like. Hasbro pays tribute to this gamut of transportation modes with a special series of collectible vehicles based on Indy's exploits in the films. Each hyper-realistic item presents authentic detailing and features taken straight from the pages of history and the glare of the silver screen. They're sure to "drive" you wild!
carded vehicle

Plastic Canopy Cargo Truck
Number: 40099
Price: $21.99 USD

Leaping from horseback, Indy hijacks this cargo truck as the Germans attempt to transport the Ark out of Egypt. While driving, Indy defeats several German soldiers onboard, but is eventually shot and ejected through the windshield. He clutches onto the truck’s grill, but as the bars break away, they push him under the chassis. Using his whip to stay connected, Indy is dragged along coarse terrain at lethal speed. Still, he manages to pull himself back onboard and regain control of the cab, ultimately regaining the Ark and escaping an Egyptian marketplace.

Take Indiana Jones (figures sold separately) on a wild ride that mimics the thrilling movie scene! Amazing action vehicle features include a “break-through’ windshield and break-away grille that pushes a figure under the truck! A whip drags the figure back and hand grips and footholds keep the figure attached.
carded vehicle

Troop Car
Number: 40460
Price: $21.99 USD

As part of a German-army convoy heading out of Egypt, a staff car of armed soldiers guards the cargo truck that harbors the stolen Ark. When Indy hijacks the truck and the Ark within, the staff car trails him closely, menacing him with heavy fire. Indy retaliates by ramming the staff car off of the road, careening the soldiers off of a cliff and into a deep ravine.

Take Indiana Jones (figures sold separately) on a wild ride that mimics the thrilling movie scene! Amazing action vehicle features a machine gun that launches a projectile. “Steer” the vehicle through the included barricade and it breaks apart! Fit up to five figures (each sold separately) inside, and be sure to save the packaging insert. It converts into a diorama, plus a crate for use with your vehicle! Vehicle comes with machine gun, projectile and barricade.
carded vehicle

Jungle Cutter
Number: 40461
Price: $21.99 USD

In reckless pursuit of the lost city of Akator, a Russian convoy uses the Jungle Cutter to hack through the dense Amazon jungle, careless of the wreckage they leave in their wake. Despite seeming indestructible, the Jungle Cutter is eventually destroyed by Indy with one well-placed shot from a rocket-powered grenade.

Lead Indiana Jones (figures sold separately) on a wild ride that mimics the thrilling movie scene! Amazing action vehicle features auto spin blades. Take aim at your target with the firing projectile launcher! “Steer” the vehicle with a figure (figures sold separately) in the cockpit! Additional figures attach to the footholds for plenty of freewheeling escapades. And don’t throw out that packaging insert; it converts into a diorama for use with your vehicle!
carded vehicle

Jungle Cutter Toys R Us Exclusive
Release: October 10, 2008
Price: $39.99 USD

The Indiana Jones Vehicle with 3 Figures features an awesome off-road vehicle with a projectile launcher, spinning "blades" and 3 figures.


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