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Release: November 2008
carded vehicle

Cairo Ambush
Number: 84693
Price: $15.99 USD

Fighting against overwhelming odds in a packed marketplace in central Cairo, Indy does everything he can to keep himself between Marion and a group of thugs intent on kidnapping her. As more and more masked men, wielding daggers and swords, slip out of the crowd, the fight turns ever more dangerous. Luckily, Indy's ingenuity and skills with a whip and pistol are more than a match for his attackers.

Cairo Thugs: Wielding swords and automatic weapons, the thugs kidnap Marion, while Indy is distracted by the fight.
Indiana Jones: in a Cairo marketplace, a band of local thugs attacks Indy and Marion. Relying on his fists, whip, and quick reflexes, Indy defeats the whole pack.
Marion Ravenwood: When one of the thugs chases Marion with a knife, she grabs a pan and lures him into a building. Inside she knocks him unconscious.
Monkey Man: known only as the Monkey Man, this foe sells his services to the Germans. He earns his money spying on Indy and Marion with the help of his crafty pet monkey.
carded vehicle

Tank Showdown
Number: 48530
Price: $15.99 USD

As the old tank races across a parched plateau towards a deadly cliff edge, Indy fights desperately to save his father against a squad of German desert troops and their commander, Colonel Vogel. He uses every trick he knows, but still takes a vicious beating from the German officer. When the tank plunges to its destruction, he is still trading blows with Vogel, and it looks like this might truly have been his last adventure.

Colonel Vogel: Devoted to the recovery of the Grail for Germany, Vogel will stop at nothing. As Indy charges towards him on horseback, he orders the tank's gunners to fire.
German Soldiers: Part of an elite desert unit assigned to Vogel, these soldiers are combat tested, and ready for anything. A single American should be no match for them, but they've never met Indiana Jones!
Indiana Jones: Racing across the parched ground on horseback, Indy pursues the tank in which his father is being held prisoner.
Professor Henry Jones: Renowned Grail scholar and professor of archeology, Dr. Henry Jones is unused to the rough treatment to which he has been subjected by the Germans.
carded vehicle

Jungle Chase
Number: 89850
Price: $15.99 USD

Sweltering in the dense air of the Peruvian rainforest, and surrounded by swirling smoke of the Russian Jungle Cutter, Indy and Mutt fight desperately. They are faced with the overwhelming forces of the soldiers under Colonel Dovchenko's command, and the deadly cunning of Irina Spalko. Hundreds of miles from help, their only hope for survival is their own ingenuity, and the trademark Jones luck.

Colonel Dovchenko: Fanatic follower of Soviet dogma, this special forces commander will stop at nothing to fulfill his mission.
Indiana Jones: Treasure-hunter and part-time professor Indiana Jones has made a career of beating the odds.
Irina Spalko: Trained by an ultra-secret branch of the KGB, Spalko is one of the deadliest women in the Soviet Union.
Mutt Williams: Despite his spotty history with institutions of learning, Mutt has picked up a few tricks along the way.
Russian Soldier: Personally trained by Dovchenko to be as dangerous with his bare hands as an assault rifle.
carded vehicle

Commemorative DVD Collection 1
Number: 78793
Price: $12.86 USD

In the dense jungles of Peru, Indy and his companions battle to escape their Russian captors. Irina Spalko, a deadly Russian sword master advances on Mutt, as Indy is occupied fighting off other Russians. Forced to fend for himself, Mutt snatches a blade from Irina's case, and faces off against the experienced woman. Though he is a skilled fencer, he is outclassed by his opponent, and it is only his luck and desperate will to survive that will lead him to victory.

Indiana Jones: Twenty-five years of treasure hunting have left this part-time college professor hardened and ready for anything.
Irina Spalko: This deadly Russian agent is an expert in psychic phenomena, and an extremely dangerous woman with a blade in her hand.
Mutt Williams: Too smart for his own good, Mutt was always bored in school, unless he was fighting. He found an outlet through the art of fencing.
carded vehicle

Commemorative DVD Collection 2
Number: 84430
Price: $12.86 USD

Indy has fought a lot of men bigger and tougher than him, but never a guy like Dovchenko, The Russian colonel has a lifetime of combat experience behind him, and the full weight of Soviet military science and special forces training behind every punch he throws. With Mutt distracted, and the overgrown vermin that infest the jungle around them closing in, Indy is on his own to win this fight, or die trying.

Col. Dovchenko: Ruthless, brutal, and devoted to Soviet ideology, Dovchenko will stop at nothing to bring glory to Russia.
Indiana Jones: Indy prides himself on being ready for anything, which is why his wits and skill have gotten him out of tougher situations than this.
Mutt Williams: What Mutt thought of as the adventure of a lifetime quickly grows more dangerous than he could ever imagine, as he fights off a horde of giant insects.


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