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Release: May 1, 2008
carded figure

Taters of the Lost Ark
Number: 02754
Price: $14.99 USD

Unearth this silly spud toy from its packaging and use your imagination to create all sorts of wacky looks fashioned after the famous action hero. Complete with bullwhip and gold-colored idol in hand, this silly character can sport his jacket and fedora. Press and release the fedora to hear three different short segments from the “Indiana Jones” theme song – or hold it down to hear it play straight through. Whip up loads of fun as you mix and match the pieces to fit anywhere on the potato body.

carded figurecarded figure

carded figure

Indy's Ultimate Adventure Playset
Number: 40572
Price: $39.97 USD

Relive all the key scenes from Indy's Ultimate adventures! Launch Indy in his vehicle from the Golden Temple and watch as he speeds through an onslaught of deadly traps: a vicious snake, a crushing boulder, unpredictable terrain, and a collapsing bridge... not to mention the supernatural Crystal Skull with crushing jaws. Can Indy win his fastest and most perilous race against evil yet? Or will this adventure be his last...?

3 1.5V AA batteries included. Plays several audio clips, and the skull's eyes light up a bright red!

carded figure


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