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Help Support Research Merchandising Disney Series 2: Epic Stunt Figure
Disney - Series 2: Epic Stunt Figure
Released in Disney Theme Parks (worldwide exclusive) in August 2003.

Indiana Jones
Epic Stunt Spectacular

This Indiana Jones figure is a Classic Collection GI Joe and comes in either Caucasian or African-American colors and headsculpts. The Caucasian headsculpt is the WWII head with its hair in black. The African-American sculpt is fairly new for Hasbro.

This figure was released as a celebration of the
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular attraction at the Disney-MGM Studios, Florida.

The reason why they also released an African-American version of this figure is because one of the Indy stunt performers at the Epic Stunt Spectacular was also African-American.

a fedora
short boots
a belt with metal buckle
a ream-yellow shirt
a "leather" Jacket
red/brown pants
a whip
green satchel with strap
a torch
sarcophagus and mummy with raising arm.
(borrowed from the Adventure Team Secret of the Mummy's Tomb set)
3 gems (blue, red, and yellow)
3 black snakes

The back of the jacket has the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular logo on it.

Box back


- Photos by Bryan Main & Gilles V


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