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First Look at the Actual Indy 4 Crystal Skull
05/02/08, 4:02am EST

UPDATE: By request of the studio, MovieWeb has taken down the image.

MovieWeb has published a first photo of the actual Crystal Skull from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!
Comparing this photo with Drew Struzan's teaser poster, it appears to be a perfect match. So perfect this could very well be the photo Struzan used as a reference while creating the teaser poster!

Additionally , Action Figure Insider has posted a promotional flyer from Japanese company Takara Neduke, makers of necklaces and trinkets, showing upcoming 1.5 inch mini PVC figures of props, relics and treasures from Indiana Jones films. This flyer also reveals a "Crystal Skull" necklace inspired by the MacGuffin from Indiana Jones 4!

Click here to visit the Action Figure Insider site, scroll down and view the Crystal Skull SPOILER promo flyer!

Thanks to JoseLuis Baylon, RYAN OC, Guy, Mitchell Hallock and Matt Hall for the info.

Posted by Gilles V


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