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Blanchett had a great time working on Indy 4
09/10/07, 5:24pm EST

Cate Blanchett talked with MTV News about her return to the throne in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, which opens Friday; her daring choice to play Bob Dylan in I'm Not There, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; which she calls a "big bar of chocolate"! Cate added that she had wrapped her scenes in Indy 4 on Saturday. Here follows an excerpt from MTV's interview:

MTV: Which is your favorite Indy film?
Blanchett: "I have a soft spot for the first one because I adore Karen Allen. This one is a big bar of chocolate and you want to eat the whole thing. I'm really looking forward to this slotting into the boxed set."

MTV: Do you get the sense that it will fit in and not feel out of place with the others because so much time has passed?
Blanchett: "That's really hard to say, isn't it? I did feel on the first day [like], "I know the iconography of this." When they were setting up the shot and I was walking into the frame, it felt familiar and strange at the same time."

MTV: Have you finished filming?
Blanchett: "I wrapped on Saturday. They have a couple more weeks. It meant a lot to me. And it meant an enormous amount to my kids. They were on set, and Steven was great with the children. They loved all the effects and the stunts. It was a real riot for them."

MTV:Have you gotten bruised up? I would assume some significant stunt work is involved.
Blanchett: "Oh, baby. Spielberg kept saying he was butching me up."

MTV: Are there any giant boulders chasing after you?
Blanchett: "Not that I remember. Maybe that's when I was knocked unconscious."

MTV: There's so much secrecy around this movie. Who have you shared the plot with? Your family?
Blanchett: "Are you going to take them hostage?"

MTV: Yes, that was my plan.
Blanchett: "I wouldn't put them in that danger. [She laughs.] No, very few people have seen the script. Only department heads have seen the script."

Cate Blanchett recently told Empire Magazine (beware, they mention SPOILERS!) that working on the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is "so much fun,":

"I was such a fan [of the Indiana Jones movies], I grew up on them. I was completely in love with Harrison Ford, and still am. He’s a hottie, he’s definitely stood the test of time. And it’s fantastic to be working in a genre that Steven and Harrison know like the back of their hands. They grew up making these films together; it’s like a family, all the people who’ve worked on this franchise. And they’re so welcoming; it’s a really happy set to be on."

Click here to read Empire's full (spoilers!) article. And don't forget to check out MTV News' great interview with the most revered actress working today!

Thanks to Logan and 'Hammy Skillet' at The Raven for the heads up.


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