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Is Dan Bradley stunt coordinator for Indy 4?
04/09/07, 4:57pm EST

The Indiana Jones films are pure classic stuntwork extravaganzas performed by some of the best stuntmen in the business. Among them was the now legendary Vic Armstrong who acted as one of Harrison Ford's three stunt doubles in all the previous Indy films. Armstrong was also the lead stunt coordinator for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and other Spielberg films including War of the Worlds.
It was assumed that he would be the obvious choice to return as Stunt Coordinator for Indiana Jones 4. But faith apparently chose differently. While Spielberg & Co are currently filming Indy 4 in Los Angeles, Vic Armstrong is "action coordinator" of another action/adventure sequel currently in production; The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Then who is coordinating all the stunts for Indiana Jones 4?
The Hollywood Reporter may have brought us the answer we're seeking! They have announce that action designer Dan Bradley has been hired as the second unit director for the 22nd James Bond film:

Bradley plotted out and directed the acclaimed fight sequences and car chases as the stunt coordinator and second unit director of the two Paul Greengrass-helmed Bourne sequels and will service the working-titled Bond 22 in much the same capacity.

Bradley is coming off of working on the latest Indiana Jones movie. His recent credits as second unit director include the two Spider-Man sequels, Superman Returns and Seabiscuit.

Apparently, Dan Bradley just finished, or is about to finish, "his work" on Indiana Jones 4!

While the Indy 4 crew page at lists many names for stunt performers & doubles, no name is mentioned for stunt coordinator yet. Though IMDb is not the most reliable source for films yet-to-be released anyway.

Interesting to add is that 3 of the most recent films Dan Bradley did the stunt coordination for (Seabiscuit and The Bourne Identity sequels) were also produced by the legendary Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall.

Thanks to Jared Barrett for the heads up!


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