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Indiana Jones 4 in New Haven: Day 4
02/07/07, 5:09pm EST

Local Indyfan Mitchell Hallock returns today with another great report from the already fourth day of filming Indy 4 on the streets of New Haven!

Indiana Jones 4 in New Haven Day 4

Raiders of the Lost Generation: Reintroducing Indiana Jones

I am hearing from my friends that the filming of Indy IV in New Haven is pretty much the same filming as it has been the last few days; street scenes, cars driving around, and filming at the Congressional Church in neighboring West Haven. West Haven once had a famous waterfront amusement park, back for decades and was a huge attraction for people in New England. It was the kind of place in the 1950s Indiana Jones would have been challenged to a drag race by Bob Falfa. But today Indiana Jones was in town, maybe attending "Sunday School". My friend, the extra, was still recovering from his day of fame. He said it was a very surreal experience watching Rick Deckard from Blade Runner in front of him acting. The only thing that reminded him that it was real was the shoes that were killing his feet for from 5:00am to 9:00pm. Apparently, Dr. Scholl's foot pads weren't invented yet! I also received an email from a huge Indy fan that got to work with the crew on Saturday. He said it was a long day, but it will be something he will remember his whole life!

As I have been writing these blogs over the last week about the buzz around the filming of Indiana Jones in New Haven, I began to notice a trend amongst my friend's kids. While my friends, who are around my age, (I will be 41 on July 10, and my wife 3x on July 12) all know instantly who Indiana Jones was, their children did not.
My nephew, who is 13, and a huge Star Wars prequel fan, wasn't interested in any of the filming and he lived 10 minutes from the Yale filming. When I asked why, he said he hadn't ever seen an Indy film.
Now, my sons were telling all their friends about the filming of Indiana Jones they saw on Sunday, you would hear the same question - "Indiana who"?

I mentioned this observation to my wife, and she said, that the majority of the people she saw standing around watching the filming were around 35 and up. With the Last Crusade coming out 1989, and the next film coming out 2008, that's 19 years - or an entire generation that hadn't thrilled to the adventures of the globe-trotting archeologist. Indiana Jones has been out of sight for almost twenty years like that crate with the serial number 9906753 (yes - I am a geek) located in that huge warehouse at the end of Raiders. So what would be cool ways to get the kids to know how great these films are?

Theatrical Reissues and "Movietone/Newsreel Trailers":
Seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark last Tuesday night on the New Haven Green and hearing the cheers, laughs and applause by thousands made me miss the theatre going experience. The kids loved eating the popcorn and watching it all before their eyes - now imagine if it was in a digital theatre with THX sound! Re-release all three films a month apart like they did with Star Wars and introduce them with Newsreel-like teaser trailers for Indy IV; setting up the world of 1957 and the threats that faced the world back then to whet appetites. That would be a great teaser campaign - A flashback to the old black and white "Worldwide News Features" spotlighting the news of the day like communists, a-bombs, 50 rock and roll dance marathons, rebel motorcycle gangs, and a mysterious find that has scientist baffled - and then lead into the Raiders March and have Indy burst through on a motorcycle or back of one- heck I get chills just thinking about it!

With the onslaught of Indy IV merchandise coming at us like a giant rolling boulder, that will herald the films premiere next year, it will no doubt catch the public's attention. Admit it, you can't wait for a Rene Belloq Burger King toy where you squeeze his head and it explodes! But between now and then, I think it would be a great time to sit down and have an Indiana Jones family movie night. Just keep your hands on the remote to fast forward through the "scary" parts. My kids are in the Boy Scouts, and the dads and I are already talking about having an Indy movie night during a camping trip in the coming year.

Back in New Haven, I wonder if the Blockbuster Video store on Chapel Street has had a surge in Indiana Jones movie rentals. Because all you heard from the parents watching the filming was them telling their kids, "we'll have to go and rent some Indiana Jones movies".

Now, that's great news!

Big thanks to Mitchell Hallock for writing these excellent set reports.


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