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UPDATE: No Indiana Jones 4 set photos today
13/06/07, 1:57pm EST

Update: Those National Treasure 2 set photos have been removed from Filmpub at the request of Indy 4 production company Paramount Pictures. Our own contact at Paramount was unable to comment.
(Thanks to ChewieDC for the Filmpub update.)

Original: Earlier today Czech film site Filmpub published four photos of, what they believed, was a set being built at Universal Studios for Indiana Jones 4. But these are not what they appear to be.
A Spielberg spokesperson has let us know that this is NOT a set constructed for the fourth Indy film but for National Treasure 2, which is also in production at this moment.

An understandable mistake as this film starring Nicholas Cage is a sequel to the successful adventure film National Treasure from 2005 which could best be described as a mixture of The Da Vinci Code with the Indiana Jones Trilogy.

Thanks to Brett Hopkins, Maxime Ferland and ChewieDC for the heads up.


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