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Open Casting Call for Indiana Jones 4!
04/06/07, 2:14pm EST

If you always dreamed about being an extra in an Indiana Jones film, now is your chance! Billy Dowd Casting will be organizing an open casting call for Indiana Jones 4 on June 11 and 12.

If you're over 18 and want to get paid for possibly standing in the background on New Haven's Chapel Street as Harrison Ford is filmed on his motorcycle, go to the Omni Hotel at Yale between 1 and 9 p.m. on either day.
And don't forget to bring a publicity photo of yourself to the casting call! Your photo is not returnable so make sury you keep a copy of the photo for yourself.

The New Haven Register tracked down some big Indyfans who want to breathe in the excitement of the production and have come out of the woodwork since it was announced last month that they will be filming for Indy 4 in New Haven and, possibly, West Haven.

"I could be scenery that moves. I could be the tree that breathes or anything in the background," said Mitchell Hallock of Trumbull, who met Ford years ago.

One would-be minor cast member would even fly from Bologna, Italy, to be an extra. "A single frame in the whole flick would be enough, even if you can't see me at all," wrote Antoni Conteddu in an e-mail he hopes will get to director Steven Spielberg.

"My concern is: can I get there on time (for the casting call)?" Conteddu wrote. "I'm half the world away, you know. What if I take the first plane to New Haven and then miss the casting calls? That would be a little frustrating."

"Oh wow! I've been obsessed with 'Indiana Jones' since I was a kid," said Andrew Bonia, who lives in New Haven's East Rock neighborhood and once worked at Long Wharf Theater. "It's just weird that it's happening right under my nose."

Blair Ribeiro of Stratford said she's not looking for a big role. "It's basically wanting to be a part of the film because I have the whole DVD collection. If there's my foot in it, I'll be happy."

Russell Stepan of Oxford is going to film school and has posters of all three "Indiana Jones" movies on his walls. When he heard the fourth would be filming in New Haven, "I jumped up and down," adding, "If only I was joking."

So don't forget:
Open extras casting call for Indiana Jones 4
- Monday June 11 & Tuesday June 12
Between 1 and 9 p.m. on either day.
at the Omni Hotel at Yale:
155 Temple Street - New Haven, Connecticut 06510

And be sure bring a headshot of yourself!

Good luck if you're planning to attend the casting call! And be sure to let us know how it went or share your casting experience with fellow Indyfans at our forums.

Read the original announcement online at New Haven Register.

Thanks to Stefan Zwanzger, Mitchell Hallock and Brett Hopkins for the news link.


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