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Has Cate Blanchett's character been revealed?
24/05/07, 5:02pm EST announced today that they have received confirmation from various reliable but "anonymous" sources on the Indy 4 plot spoilers/rumors that CHUD posted a few days ago.
And also may know which character Cate Blanchett will be playing and what relic will be the center of the plot.

They posted quite a bunch things on Indiana Jones 4 that could possible be true as well as false. But one thing we can be sure of is that these rumors/facts are MAJOR SPOILERS!

Highlight to read SPOILERS about the script:
[ The news that Karen Allen would be back as Marion Ravenwood is accurate and truth be told, a few online sites had been sitting on this information for close to a month, no real shocker.

Shia LaBeouf is a teenage motorcycle riding greaser, true.

Shia LaBeouf is the son of Marion Ravenwood and Indiana Jones, true.

Indy doesnít find out about being a daddy until after he and Shia have been teamed up for a while and during a pivotal scene, true.

Movie takes place in the 50ís, true.

We will see Area 51 and Russian Agents, true.

South American Pyramids/Temples, true.

Crystal Skulls, true (13 skulls to be exact)

The current script is a hybrid of scripts including Frank Darabontís version, true.

The title of the film is Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods, maybe, it sure is the working title but we have been told the real title may involve something about the 13 crystal skulls. ]

Highlight to read SPOILERS about Cate Blanchett's role:
[ So who will be a villain in Indy IV? Well kiddies, while most people have been assuming that Cate Blanchett will be Indyís love interest since the announcement of her addition to the cast, several of our sources have revealed that she will actually be the villain in cahoots with the Ruskies. ]

I have received word from a Spielberg spokesperson (not this week but last month) that Indiana Jones and the City of Gods is "not it". It could be or have been a working title but it won't be the final title.
On the other hand, one thing mentions here above could be proof of the supposed current working title an anonymous source informed me about.

Highlight to read yet another possible SPOILER:
[ writes that the the real title may involve something about the 13 crystal skulls. While my source says the current working title is Indiana Jones and the Four Skulls.
So not 13, but only 4?! Those damn rumors eh!

Interesting bit of trivia that could support the Crystal Skulls rumor; Yale University, in New Haven, (one of Indy 4's filming locations) is well know for its secret societies. And Yale's most famous is "The Order of SKULL and Bones". ]

Click here to read IESB's full article. But beware for the SPOILERS. They are not hidden like on this page!

Thanks to Brett Hopkins for the new support.


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