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Sir Sean Gives His View of the Crystal Skull
31/03/09, 11:07am EST

While keeping up with the Jones' last summer meant Indy and his new found son, Mutt, many fans were looking for the other "Dad" - Sir Sean Connery. MTV News caught up with the man who would be king and the first 007 agent, better known to Indyfans as Henry Jones, Sr. and asked if he had seen Indy's last adventure and what he thought of it.

Sir Sean Connery stated he had seen the film and that it was "rather good and rather long".

Now if only Lucas and crew can come up with a script for Indy 5 that let's Henry Sr. come back from the dead, perhaps as a side effect from encountering the "healing powers" of the Grail, the next film would be "rather great"!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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