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Spielberg Says Indy 5 is Not for Right Now
12/01/09, 12:44pm EST

After accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 2009 Gold Globe Ceremonies, Steven Spielberg took a few minutes to speak with writers from the cable channel, ReelzChannel, and here is what he said about Indy coming back:

10:22 PM: Backstage Steven Spielberg is asked whether he might consider revisiting any of his characters again. "Visit them again?" asks Spielberg. "You mean like bring them out of mothballs? Not really. Some day there may be another Indiana Jones. George and I have had a couple of conversations about 'What If?' we made another Indiana Jones film, but right now we aren't in the position to do that."

Keep your fingers crossed Indyfans that maybe that position for Indy's return might arise soon. Until then, we have Indy novels, video games and comics to keep us in the world of adventure.

Steven Spielberg from Golden Globe Awards on Vimeo.


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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