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Welcome to The
Monday, May 29, 2000

Welcome fellow Indiana Jones Fans to "" that is the most comprehensive 'Indiana Jones' site on the net. On the grand opening we would like pay thanks to all you for being patient for this very day. We assure you that will you find the wait worth it. From this day on, we at "" will try to bring you up to date news on 'Indiana Jones 4,' 'Merchandise,' 'FanWork,' 'Multimedia,' 'Indy's Influence' and all the other sections devoted to this site. Until we get more news just sit back and relax. Enjoy surfing ""


New News, FanWork and Indy Poll
Sunday, June 11, 2000

I have a few things to announce today and I will start with something we can't forget. Tomorrow (June 12, 2000) it will be exactly 19 years since Raiders of the Lost Ark premiered. Every Indy fan knows how important that birthday is!! ;-)
The man responsible for those cool Indy custom figures has send me his latest artwork. This tim's it's the TOD villain Mola Ram. And now I'm talking about villains, we have put up a new Indy Poll since yesterday. And the question this time is "Who's your favorite Indy Villain?" Don't forget to vote!


The Indy Timeline is updated
Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Yup, the Indy Timeline is updated with synopses of The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones from Marvel comics. The stories all take place immediately after Raiders of the Lost Ark and continue chronologically through mid-1937. Only years are provided in the comics, no months. So it seems that Indy had a lot of activity in less than two years. If you are planning to read the new synopses and you haven't read the comics, you may expect many spoilers... you are warned. Special thanks to Phil Anderson who did a superb job at writing the synopses.


Page updates plus new Indy Poll
Thursday, June 29, 2000

Phil Anderson worked on some new synopses for the Indy Timeline, the Find Your Fate series are now added to the timeline. Many of the dates this time are rather vague, since each story has any number of variations. But he found the year and sometimes even the month the FYF adventures take place. There is only 1 novel not added because he couldn't find a date, and guessing isn't the right thing to do for a timeline. The novel I'm typing about is FYF#17 - Mask of the Elephant. Many thanks to Phil.
I have also updated the TOD and LC goofs pages with a few new anachronisms submitted by Marc (thanks). The new TOD goof can be found at the bottom of the page and the 2 LC goofs are also located at the bottom of it's page.
And last, there is a new Indy Poll. This weeks question is "Who is your favorite Indy novel writer?" Don't forget to submit your vote! ;-)


New Goofs and Fanwork
Friday, July 14, 2000

We have received some more Goofs from the Raiders and LC movies. The first goof is the last "mistake" here and the 2 other new goofs are the last 2 "mistakes" on this page. Thanks to the people who showed them to us.
We also received Russell Cox his latest Indy fanwork. It's a poster of his fictional Indy and the Lucky Hat adventure. Click here to view it. Keep sending us your Indy FanWork!


New Indy Poll
Wednesday, July 26, 2000

I finally got the time to place a new Indy Poll question. Sorry that you had to wait so long but we have some great stuff coming soon!! The new Poll question is "Who is your favorite Indy friend?" We all love Indy's friends like Short Round, Sallah, Remy, ... and even his dad. But who is the most popular? Who do you want as a friend the most? Scroll a bit down and submit your vote.
We received a new Raiders Goof today. An not just a good but the famous fly in Belloq's mouth goof! I can't believe I forgot about that one. Check the scene where Indy is holding the Bazooka towards the Ark and Belloq is trying to persuade him not to a fly goes into Belloq's mouth. Thanks to the anonymous mail sender for the goof.


IGN and more New Additions
Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Do you see that nice big IGN logo just above the Notes frame? Yup, the is now affiliated with! This shows that we are not finished with this site. We have great things coming in the future...
We finally completed the Infernal Machine section, that has hints, cheats, in-jokes, and much more info related to the game.
The Indy Gear page is also finished, thanks to the professional help of
And last but not least... I would like to thank Brandon, George, and Mark who have send us more Raiders and TOD goofs.


Attention all adventurers!!
Thursday, August 10, 2000

Listen very carefully! We will write this only once!! "In the coming days the will be down, for 24 to 48 hours, because we are changing servers." Now don't panic... We're not talkin' about the bogeyman. Besides, you know what a cautious staff we have. ;-)


Raiders of the Lost Drafts, chapter 1
Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Writer 'Bellosh' is working on a big Indiana Jones essay named Raiders of the Lost Drafts. The first installment, of five, starts today and tells us about the movies, books, and people that influenced the Indy character and films. The upcoming parts will go about the Indy movie trilogy and the hopefully upcoming Indy 4 and it's rumored fake scripts. Really some interesting info that even I never heard of. Certainly worth checking out!! Part 2 will arrive next week and will probably go about Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Raiders of the Lost Drafts, chapter 2
Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Writer 'Bellosh' finished chapter 2 of his Raiders of the Lost Drafts. The second installment, of five, goes about Raiders of the Lost Ark. It tells us what screenplay writer Lawrence Kasdan did with Lucas and Spielberg their ideas for the film. We also find out what scenes and ideas were deleted and recycled in future projects, or should I say adventures. You don't want to miss this chapter! We have also added a few production sketches to make it even more interesting. Hit the link above to read chapter 2.


What happened the past one week?
Thursday, September 7, 2000

For the past one week we have been experiencing serious server problems. After making a move to a new hosting company, we realized that it was not the right place for TheRaider.Net We want to give our fans fast access and less troubles. Therefore TheRaider.Net decided to move to a dedicated server and it will be hosted by Steven Spielberg & DreamWorks SKG Fansite. What does that mean? Much faster access, fast browsing, more control and a stable forum. That change will take place with in 2 weeks and you will only feel that change when browsing through different pages of the site. Thanks for your unconditional patience. e-mail problems...
Saturday, September 9, 2000 can't receive any e-mails anymore since August 30. You may call this a side effect of the serious server problems we have been experiencing the past week.
We want to ask if it's possible that everybody who has send an e-mail to, to be exactly, if they can contact us again through the temporary address: This new address is also the one to use for new e-mails, untill is restored. We would appreciate this very much. Thanks.


Raiders of the Lost Drafts: Chapter 3
Saturday, September 16, 2000

It took more time than it should and you can see it, Raiders of the Lost Drafts Chapter 3 is longer and a bit more illustrated than the previous 2 chapters of the essay, and I think it's even better! This time it's Temple of Doom's turn. You want to know how the 'dark' part of the Indiana Jones Trilogy is made and which scenes were deleted during production, and even just before the premier of the movie?
Hit the link above or the button to the right of this page to read the chapter.


You will have to miss us for a little while...
Friday, October 6, 2000

The will go down once again for a little while. We can't say when exactly but somewhere between now and next week. The will move to a dedicated server. There is nothing to be worried about.


Rumored Indy 4 Scripts Page Online
Saturday, October 7, 2000

We have made a Rumored Scripts page, in the Indy 4 section, where you can download three scripts that were rumored to become Indy 4. Two of the scripts are fan made (so fake), the third script is written by Chris Columbus. It's the Indiana Jones and the Monkey King script that was reviewed by MovieHeadlines.Net earlier this week. According to them, Monkey King should have been made! Have fun!


We have changed Server, and more...
Saturday, October 14, 2000

You might have noticed it that The was down again, for almost 24 hours. That was because we have finally moved to a dedicated server. Hopefully the last server change!
You may expect an announcement soon about when The Raven forum will open it's doors.
And last but not least, the Multimedia section has been updated with a few Indy themed Wallpapers and a screensaver. We are always looking for more Multimedia to download, so if you have, or know, anything we may use, let us know and we'll add it. Thanks in advance!


What's with Raiders of the Lost Drafts?!
Saturday, October 21, 2000

Bellosh reports in from the jungles of e-commerce to say that the concluding parts of Raiders of the Lost Drafts will be with us by Halloween. Bellosh has made his own study of Grail lore to find out why Indy almost didn't find his Dad - and how Spielberg cut short Indy's trip to Africa. And in part 5, the shattering conclusion to our series, Bellosh takes a good look at Indy's brush with UFO's. He's also talked to his own Monkey Man Spies and looked into the runes to see where Indy might be going for his fourth adventure... so Harrison Ford, take note! if you want to know what you'll be doing the year after next, be sure to check back here in a couple of weeks!


The Raven's Grand Opening!!
Saturday, October 21, 2000

The Raven is finally online. The staff at spent lots of their time and energy on bringing Indy community center online. Here you can talk about Indiana Jones Adventures, games, collector's items, the anticipated fourth entry to the saga, DVD and anything related to your favorite hero. Join your fellow friends at The Raven.


Raiders of the Lost Drafts, Chapter 4a!!
Thursday, November 2, 2000 - Gilles V

Writer Bellosh is back!! Here's Chapter 4a of his Raiders of the Lost Drafts essay, about the Last Crusade this time! This chapter proved longer than Bellosh expected, plus he has quoted a lot from the Monkey King script so this chapter is divided up into two installments. Part 2 will come very soon. One last word from Bellosh, before your start reading:
There are other synopsis of Monkey King on the net, but none have the kind of commentary I've done on its influences and the circumstances surrounding its commissioning/rejection by Spielberg and Lucas (of which more in the next part of the article).
Hit the link above to start reading.


The Online Games section is open!
Sunday, November 5, 2000 - Gilles V

This is not only a good website to find Indiana Jones information but also a nice place to play some classical Indy themed games. The Online Games section is open! It includes some Sliding Puzzles, a concentration game, and hopefully more in the future. Go check it out!!


Raiders of the Lost Drafts, Chapter 4b!!
Tuesday, November 7, 2000 - Gilles V

Here's Chapter 4b of Raiders of the Lost Drafts essay, still about the Last Crusade. This new chapter is still about the Monkey King script. It's even longer than the previous chapter and there are no images included this time.
Check back in a week or so for the final part of the essay, which will concentrate on the unused script Indiana Jones and the Saucermen from Mars. Bellosh will say something about the fake scripts that have been circulating on the net, and then make an educated guess about the subject of Indy 4 (it's one of two choices, man - Atlantis or the garden of Eden! You'll see why in the article.)


New Scrapbook and more TOD sounds
Wednesday, November 22, 2000 - Gilles V

We have made a special Scrapbook for all the Indyfans out there! Now you can show pictures of yourself or somebody else dressed up as Indiana Jones, other pictures like related events, trips, and more are also welcome. Please send your pictures to us and we will publish them on this Scrapbook as soon as possible.
The Temple of Doom Sounds page has been updated with 18 new . WAV sounds. Special thanks to Matt for the sounds!



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