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The next Poll question
Monday September 20. 1999

I have a few ideas for the next Indy Poll but I'm interested in what "you" want as the next Poll questions. So please don't be shy and mail me your ideas. Go here to see all the previous Indy Polls. "This is a site for the fans, by the fans!"


New Indy Skin
Monday September 20. 1999

I completed my second Winamp Skin dedicated to Indiana Jones. This time about the Temple of Doom. My next skin will be about Raiders of the Lost Ark but I can't tell you now when that one will be complete. Click here for more info and to download it.


New Fanfiction serial
Tuesday September 21. 1999

There is a new fan fiction serial made by the Lambert brothers. It's not really an Indy story but a story in which the Lambert bros. are searching for the 12" Indy action figure. Very cool story!! I will post a new chapter of the story every day. We start with 2 chapters today. Read it here.


New Indy Poll
Sunday September 26. 1999
Okay whe have a new Indy Poll. This time with the question: Do you like the Young Indy Chronicles? Click here to vote on all the last polls.


About the Indyfans List
Thursday September 30. 1999

A fellow Indyfan had a cool idea for the Indyfans list on this site. "Why not adding a picture of each Indyfan on the list?" It would be cool but I know in advance that many people don't have a pic of him/herself on their PC plus not everybody has a scanner so it's not obliged. You decide.
Are you not included in the Indyfans list and you want to be in it, mail me.

"Something new is coming soon on this site!!"
and it has nothing to do with the Indyfans Pics.



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