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Indiana Jones' Influences
Classic Adventures
Classic Adventures
The Spiders
The Thief of Bagdad
The Black Watch
East of Borneo
Mask of Fu Manchu
Captain Blood
Lost Horizon
Storm Over Bengal
Only Angels Have Wings
The Sea Hawk
King Solomon's Mines
White Witch Doctor

Fritz Lang's Indian Epic

The Man Who Would Be King

The Four Feathers

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Classic Adventures
George Lucas and Steven Spielberg created the Indiana Jones Trilogy as an homage to the classic adventure series and films that they grew up with.
Here we will give you an introduction to some classic Adventure films from early 20th century. The genre of films in which cliffhanger action scenes, just like in the Indiana Jones films, originated.
The Man Who Would Be King
The Spiders (1919)
The Thief of Bagdad(1924)
The Black Watch(1929)
East of Borneo(1931)
The Mask of Fu Manchu(1932)
Captain Blood (1935)
Lost Horizon(1937)
Storm Over Bengal(1938)
Only Angels Have Wings(1939)
The Sea Hawk(1940)
Sundown (1941)
King Solomon's Mines(1950)
White Witch Doctor(1953)
Fritz Lang's Indian Epic (1959)
The Man Who Would Be King (1975)
The Four Feathers (1929 - 1939 - 2002)


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