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Indiana Jones and the Spirit of the People

Made by: Brandon Sabatula
Year: 2005
Country: USA

Genre: Adventure
Runtime: ???

More info:
More info at Brandon's
Spirit of the People site.



The second World War is approaching, and countries around the globe have begun searching for an advantage for the war. A group of Russians, led by Dr. Kristoff Velnikov, are on a worldwide search for the Spirit of the idol that contains the power of mind control. The United States Army has assigned Lieutenant Jonas Von Stych to head a group of soldiers to retrieve the idol before the Russians. Teamed up with Stych is none other than a certain fedora-wearing archeologist by the name of Indiana Jones, who is contacted by the U.S. Army to translate a map that will lead them on a quest through Russia to the mysterious artifact.


Film Credits
Jeremy Fields .... Indiana Jones
Kevin Gaydos .... Guide 1
Mark Gaydos .... Guide 2
Zach Smitley .... Dr. Velnikov
Chris Collins .... Jock MacGreggor
Keri Gleason .... Deirdre Campbell
Scott Meredith .... Pianist
Mark Gaydos .... Tony & Bartender
Brandon Sabatula .... Gustav Hamlin
Jeremy Fields .... Student 1
Kevin Gaydos .... Student 2
Brandon Sabatula .... Henry Jones, Sr.
Mark Gaydos .... Monk
Kevin Gaydos .... Dr. Von Stych
Matt Vensko .... Private Brundel
Brad Spade .... Private Spade
Matt Vensko .... Russian 1
Mark Gaydos .... Russian 2
Brandon Sabatula .... Russian 3
Brad Spade .... Russian 4
Kevin Gaydos .... Russian 5
Evan Yuddell .... Konrad Stych
Directed by .... Kevin Gaydos
Produced by .... Brandon Sabatula
Sound by .... Brandon Sabatula
Edited by   Kevin Gaydos

Stunt Coordinator

.... Jeremy Fields
Camera Operators .... Brandon Sabatula
Kevn Gaydos
Jeremy Fields
Bill Martin
Research .... Brandon Sabatula
Vehicle Maintenance .... Brad Spade
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