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Indiana Jones and the Relic of Gotham
Relic of Gotham

Made by: Ryan Schile & Brian Finifter
Year: 2008
Country: USA

Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 30:25 min.

More info:
View the short film online at MySpace Video.
Download the short film, trailers and gag reel from the Renegade Possums site.



In search of an artifact accidentally uncovered by writer Bob Kane, Indiana Jones finds himself in an adventure unlike anything he’s ever experienced before…

Film Credits
Ryan Schile .... Indiana Jones
TJ Champion .... The Batman
Brian Finifter .... The Joker
Scott Harrell .... Bob Kane
John Schile .... The Detective
Matt Muller .... Thomas Stockwell
Thaddeus Callahan .... Agent 1
Rick Uskert .... Agent 2
Gary Broughman .... Trenchcoat Man
Tara Jenkins .... The Girl
Directed by .... Ryan Schile
Brian Finifter
Written by .... Ryan Schile
Brian Finifter
Edited by .... Ryan Schile
Brian Finifter
Music by .... Andrew Skrabutenas
Make Up by .... Tara Jenkins
Special Effects .... Markus Zimmerman
Teague Chrystie
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