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Indiana Jones and the Crystal Cave

Made by: Thomas and Jim Strater
Year: 2004
Country: USA

Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 1:05 min.

More info:
Download the short film at Strater's
Airtime Productions site.



Famous archeologists and Adventurer Indiana Jones has found a map inside a block of ice. It's a map to the fabled Crystal Cave. Legend tells of a magical Crystal that protected a Grand Ice Palace. The magic crystal was stolen and the Palace was buried and lost forever in a great blizzard. The thieves of the crystal were next to fall to the crystals great power, they too fell victim to treacherous storms caused by the crystals magic. The crystal was last known to be hidden away deep inside a cave. Indy's next adventure is to recover the crystal. Great mystery surrounds his quest. Are the Legend and the Crystal real? What will happen if the crystal is disturbed again? Who is protecting the crystal an is Indiana Jones the only one searching for it?

Film Credits
Thomas Strater .... Indiana Jones
Thomas Hagerty .... Sherpa
Directed by .... Jim Strater
Written by .... Thomas & Jim Strater
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