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Indiana Jones and the Stone of the Swastika
by Rock DiLisio
Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Scrolls
by Stella Nobrega

In 1937, Dr. Jones finds a mysterious scroll in Italy and now five years later and months after the Bombing of Pearl Harbour he is told by Marcus that there are believed to be more scrolls of the same type in existence.
Indy travels to Greece with friends to find the rest of the scrolls, but nothing can prepare them for the adventures that they are about to experience.

Indiana Jones and the Gypsy's Kiss
by Monkey

Everyone's favorite archaeology professor embarks on a brand new adventure that spans four continents. From the depths of booby trap ridden Inca tombs to the magnificent temples of Upper Egypt and the valley of the Nile; Indiana Jones is pitted against foes and adversaries both modern and ancient. This aint your little brother's Indiana Jones...


Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Phoenix
by S.L. Nobrega

In the sequel to Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Stones, Indy is searching for the fabled Benben stone. Legend says that the stone was held in the Temple of the Phoenix, but is this still the case? Joined by the beautiful Selene, and also Henry and Sallah, Indy will brave dangers beyond imagining, and will have to face several enemies and traps.


Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Stones
by S.L. Nobrega

Indy is in terrible danger. He has been through many adventures in his life. But this one is going to be an extremely dangerous quest. The return of the Sankara Stones, and a new enemy, one that is going to prove to be more powerful than the adventuring archaeologist could possibly imagine. Indy will need to travel hospitable lands, face great danger, a great challenge for a mortal man. Indy must face this treacherous journey; use all the skills and knowledge he has to defeat the enemy. Only then can he survive the adventure.


Indiana Jones and the Secret of Solomon's Temple
by Mike Barwick

The search for an artifact from the time of Solomon called The Eye if God sends Indy and Marion up against Nazis and the son of Rene belloq. The stakes are extremely high because whoever posesses the Eye has the power of God himself and Indy must find it and the murderer of Marcus Brody's son before it's too late.


Indiana Jones and the Sword of St. George
by Susanna

It's 1935. Mussolini has already begun his invasion of Ethiopia and the situation in Europe is going from bad to worse. Meanwhile, some mysterious men supposedly from the U.S. government contact Dr. Indiana Jones. Indy accompanies them on a plane only to find out that they are not who they claim to be. With student Lauren Russell by his side, Indy goes on a search to find the powerful sword of St. George, which is hidden far away in an Ethiopian church. He must find this before the Italians come across it and accidentally unleash its horribly destructive powers.


Indiana Jones Treatment
by Mitch Wyzgowski

At the height of Stalin and the Cold War, Indiana Jones must race against the Soviets on a quest pertaining to the most valuable document ever written... and the past will unfold a secret not even Indiana Jones is prepared for...


Indiana Jones and the Ghost of Shaka Zulu
by Dusty Fedora

Indy and Henry fly to Durban, South Africa to secure exhibits for the museum. They walk right into a desperate plot by the Zulu nation to steal two artifacts from the Durban Museum and use them to end a long-running drought on their homeland - a calamity they blame on the vengeful ghost of their long-dead leader Shaka.


Indiana Jones and the Lost Family
by Tessa Schaefer

The year is 1939, Indiana Jones has settled down at Barnett and has a relationship with his father after many years. All goes well until he receives a letter from a former girlfriend, who writes about a surprise for him, and receives the biggest shock in his life.


The Indiana Jones Legacy: The Next Adventurer
by Tessa Schaefer

1960 - Years after losing his wife in a tragic accident, Indiana Jones puts his life in order for his children. Then an old partner comes in with an expedition he wants Indy to join, he almost refuses when one of his children express interest in archeology.


The Indiana Jones Legacy: The Ultimate Test
by Tessa Schaefer

After returning from Mexico, Lauren Jones settled in her archeology studies at Barnett, finds love, and an expedition in the Central American jungles. There she is faced with a test of her knowledge and skills of finding the Mayan stele and the consequences it leads for her.


The Indiana Jones Legacy: The Ghost of Dorian
by Tessa Schaefer

Lauren Jones-Brody has settled at the Sorbonne in Paris, working on her archeology doctorate, with her young son. She's given the opportunity to go to Delphi with an archeology to discover more on Apollo's Oracle. But she gets the shock of her life when she sees the ghost of Dorian Belecamus - her father's old archeology professor - haunting the caverns and set to kill Lauren!


The Indiana Jones Legacy: The Fight of the Joneses
by Tessa Schaefer

In this relatively short story, Lauren is happy at her teaching position at Princeton and settled with her family. But when she finds out her father is missing, she sets out to find her father and the powerful relic of the Poland's government with the Russian army on their tail!

The Indiana Jones Legacy: The Egyptian Curse
by Tessa Schaefer


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