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All stories are available in MS Word format.
With only a few exceptions in .pdf format.

Indiana Jones and the Path to Eternity
by Chris Hoffman

Indiana Jones and the Spirit of the People
by Brandon Sabatula
Indiana Jones and the Circle of Fate
by Matt Maslanka
Indiana Jones and the Runes of Ende (.pdf)
by Michael Beazel
Indiana Jones and the Jaws of Death
by Tony Quirk

Indiana Jones and the Blade of Abraham
by Anthony C. Varbero Jr.

In Japan, trying to retrieve an artifact he lost years earlier, Indiana Jones begins a journey to find the sacred sacrificial Blade of Abraham that will take him to Turkey and Egypt. Joined by an old flame who once betrayed him, a son he didn't know he had, his father Henry, and pursued by adversaries both old and familiar, Indy searches for a relic that will test his family ties and may prove to be his final adventure.


Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold (.pdf)
by Graeme March

It's 1956. After one last adventure in the caves of New Mexico, Indiana Jones vows to settle down to a quiet life of marriage. When his plans are scuppered by Soviet Agents, he is quickly off on another adventure with Marion's son, Harry, in tow. Encountering old friends, vicious enemies, and deadly creatures, they venture to the jungles of South America on a quest for the Mythical Lost City of El Dorado.


Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur
by Michael Prentice

It's early 1937, Indiana Jones suffered the loss of Abner Ravenwood and wishes to give up his adventurous ways. That is until he is thrown with his former colleges Sophia Hapgood and Dr. Kingston in the search for Excalibur.


Indiana Jones and the Realm of the Dead (.pdf)
by Nick Franceschi

1951, an aging Indy uncovers the mysterious final project of Abner Ravenwood. Tormented by the recent deaths of loved ones, Indy undertakes one last adventure that brings him back to Egypt and pits him against deadly foes determined to stop him at any cost. Indiana Jones is brought full circle as he confronts the specters of his past in this gritty vision of Indy IV.


Indiana Jones and the Macedonian Empire (.pdf)
by R.S. Phillips

Picking up directly from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indy & Marion find themselves thrust right into a new adventure when a dying man interrupts that drink she promised to buy. The dying man delivers a cryptic message that means nothing at first to our heroes, but places them directly between power-mad Nazis and a group of Greek assassins in a race to uncover the lost secret to Alexander the Great’s dominion.


Indiana Jones and the Quest for Peace
by Tim O’Neill

A reluctant Indy is drawn into Cold War espionage to save Henry's long-lost love. The adventure takes our heroes through war-torn Afghanistan and into the furthest Siberian tundra.


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