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Indiana Jones' Child years

1899 - 1914

1872: Henry Jones 'Senior' is born in Scotland.

1878: Anna Jones is born of a wealthy family in Virginia.

1898: Anna and Henry Jones marry.

June 1899: Henry Jones Sr. graduates from Oxford University.

July 1, 1899: Henry Walton Jones 'Junior' (aka Indiana Jones) is born in Princeton, New Jersey.




Henry Jones, Sr. (professor at Princeton University) embarks on a two-year lecture tour around the world together with Anna and Indy.

May 1908:
Henry Jr., traveling with his Mom and Dad, meets his tutor, Helen Seymour, in England and travels to Cairo, where he meets T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). Once there, Indy becomes involved in discussions about archaeology, mummies, and the afterlife. He also travels to the Valley of Kings where he meets Howard Carter (the archaeologist who would eventually open the tomb of King Tutankhamon). Later, young Indy explores a tomb from which a fire-eyed Jackal is stolen.
(Chapter 1: My First Adventure - tv-series)
Late May 1908:
Indy and his family travel to Florence where he and his mother meet Puccini. Indy is tutored in basic physics (the laws of attraction) as his mother and Puccini deal with their own awkward romantic attraction.
(Chapter 3: The Perils of Cupid - tv-series)
September 1908:
Indy visits Paris and meets Norman Rockwell in the Louvre.  They sneak out to streetside cafes where they meet several other artists.  Arguments ensue about the cubist movements and impressionism.
(Chapter 2: Passion for Life - tv-series)
November 1908:
Indy meets Princess Sophie, the daughter of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, at a riding school in Vienna.  Sophie becomes Indy's first love but he is forbidden from seeing her again.   Despite this, Indy sneaks into Belvedere Castle to see Sophie and exchanges gifts with her.
(Chapter 3: The Perils of Cupid - tv-series)


September 1909:
Indy returns to Africa with his father to visit a plantation near Nairobi.  While there, Indy meets Teddy Roosevelt, who is on an expedition to collect specimens for the Smithsonian.  Indy helps Roosevelt out when he and a local boy go looking for a rare gazelle, Burton's fringe-eared onyx.  The safari teaches Indy a great deal about the relation between man and nature, and Indy actually discourages Roosevelt from shooting too many of the endangered gazelle.
(Chapter 2: Passion for Life - tv-series)


January 1910:
The start of 1910 finds Indy in Benares, India where he learns a great deal about the various religions of the world.  He has a discussion with Krishnamurti and Annie Besant, the leader of the Theosophist movement, about the Buddhist, Christian, Hindy and Moslem faiths.
(Chapter 5: Journey of Radiance - tv-series)
March 1910:
Continuing his travels eastward, Indy next finds himself in Peking.   Unfortunately, he becomes very sick just after visiting the Great Wall of China.   A cold rainstorm and a carriage accident only worsen his condition.  After much debate about the merits of Western medicine versus Eastern medicine, Indy is treated by a Chinese doctor.
(Chapter 5: Journey of Radiance - tv-series)
March 1910:
Indy feels like a stranger returning home from World War I. He recalls happier times with his father during a 1910 journey through the countryside of Russia where Indy runs away from his father and meets an 80-year old runaway, fabled Russian novelist and troglodyte Leo Tolstoy.
(Chapter 4: Travels with Father - tv-series)


April 1912:
Indy visits England and is invited to high tea with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Soon after, Indy travels on the ill-fated ocean liner, the Titanic.  He and his tutor, Helen, narrowly escape the fate that claimed more than 1.517 lives.
(Young Indiana Jones' Titanic Adventure - Random House novel)
Tragedy strikes the Jones family when Anna Jones contracts scarlet fever and dies.
June 1912:
Indy returns to the United States while his father lectures in Boston.  He travels a bit with Helen (it is her first time in America) along the New England coast and engages in a treasure hunt after hearing tales of Captain Kidd's exploits.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Pirates' Loot - Random House novel)
Summer 1912:
Back at home in Utah, Indy acquires his famous fedora, some initial experience with a bullwhip and a lifelong horror of snakes.  Indy also discovers that many treasures do not end up in museums, but rather in the hands of private treasure hunters when the Cross of Coronado is taken from some Indian ruins.
(Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)
Late Summer 1912:
Later in the summer, Indy meets an Anasazi man who claims to be Billy the Kid.  With his help, Indy helps stop a pair of bank robbers.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Lost Gold of Durango - Random House novel)
November 1912:
An ampoule with radium was stolen from the Institute of the Marie Curie in Paris. Young Indy thinks that there is e a connection to the strange message he discovered in the underground of Paris. At least everything seems to refer to it.
(Indiana Jones Jr et l'Ampoule Radioactive - Hachette novel)


Spring 1913:
Henry Jones Sr. is in Georgetown lecturing at the university on medieval literature. Indy, however, travels to the Carolinas where he follows the trail of a Civil War slave in the Underground Railroad.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Plantation Treasure - Random House novel)
Summer 1913:
In one of his first meetings with Marcus Brody, Indy helps him in his hunt for archaeological artifacts in Egypt. Together, they discover a valuable ring that may be from the not-yet-officially-discovered tomb of King Tutankhamen. They also cross swords with German spies and narrowly escape the last major outbreak of the bubonic plague. And that all with his new friend, the young boy Sallah.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Terror - Random House novel)
August 1913:
In the monastery of Tsadong - high up in the Himalayas - an atmosphere of tension and distress reigns. The child Lama, comes to be removed and sequestered. Young Indy tries to save his new friend without caring for the so called harmful demons.
(Indiana Jones Jr et l'Enfant Lama - Hachette novel)
Late Summer 1913:
The summer ends with a brief jaunt to Russia and a meeting with the hereditary Georgian princess, Tamar. Afterwards he rejoins his father in Armenia (his father is on a side trip studying the Crusades).
(Young Indiana Jones and the Princess of Peril - Random House novel)
Halloween 1913:
The fall of 1913 finds Henry Jones Jr. in a boarding school in England while his father lectures at Cambridge University. This does nothing to slow down Indy's adventures, however. Between a corrupt mine owner, a ring that may have belonged to the court of King Arthur and the mystique of Samhaim (All Hallow's Eve), Indy has little trouble filling in the time between classes.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Ghostly Riders - Random House novel)
Christmas 1913:
Indy and a boarding school pal, Herman Mueller, aid Herman's father on a research trip to Stonehenge. They soon discover that someone is trying to sabotage the dig as they are confronted by a magic wielding German spy. Indy and Herman barely escape injury with some questionable help from the ancient stones themselves and the power of the rising sun focused through the saboteur's magic crown.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Circle of Death - Random House novel)


January 1914:
Henry Jones Sr. allows Indy to travel to London for one last vacation before returning to school. While there, Indy discovers (through a bit of misfortune) that an ancient Greek bowl is a forgery. Indy and his father then travel to Greece in search of the stolen artifact.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Journey to the Underworld - Random House novel)
Spring 1914:
Indy discovers the power of an Italian curse placed upon a cross made from the sword hilt of a Norman warrior. He helps an old friend (Lizzie Ravenall, who was involved in his Underground Railroad adventure) locate the cross while an a break in New York City.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Ruby Cross - Random House novel)
May 1914:
Indy's school in Utah burns down, ending the year early.  Making sure that Indy doesn't lose out in his studies, his father sends him off with a graduate assistant to southern France. The goal of their trip is to find a letter from King Louis IX, send before the king's second crusade.  Instead they find a jewel-encrusted crown swiped from Louis by gypsies.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Gypsy Revenge - Random House novel)
June 1914:
Immediately after his French escapade, Indy is dragged to Constantinople as his father pursues the Holy Grail. Luckily, also joining him is Herman Mueller and together they investigate the trail of a knife believed to be linked to the legend of Cain and Abel (Cain and Abel where sons of Adam and Eve; Cain slew Abel out of jealously). Their adventure is cut somewhat short when Indy's father hears of the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and leaves Turkey.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Secret City - Random House novel)

October 1914:
Far from the problems in Europe, the Joneses travel to China in search of more Grail clues. However, in Honolulu, one of their stopovers on the way, the war catches up. Indy's adventure in Honolulu pits him against a very active volcano and a German agent intent on killing a British professor.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Mountain of Fire - Random House novel)

Once they finally leave Honolulu, they still encounter troubles as their steamer is intercepted by a Japanese naval vessel. Indy discovers soon after that someone has smuggled a golden Chinese dragon statuette in his luggage, which he hides from the Japanese inspectors. Once they reach the mainland, the statuette becomes object of a desperate hunt by Chinese, Japanese and German factions.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Face of the Dragon - Random House novel)
December 1914:
Indy and his father travel to India where he meets and befriends Prince Kasim. The royal guard tells Indy and Kasim not to touch the ancient tiger's-eye amulet, but Kasim refuses to listen and begins wearing it around his neck. When a tiger is seen stalking the area, Indy notices that Kasim has mysteriously disappeared. He begins to wonder if his friend could have changed into the dreaded legendary beast - the weretiger. Indy sets out to find the answer and save his friend from the curse of the amulet.
(Young Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Tiger - Random House novel)
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