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Indiana Jones' Adult years

1921 - 1990s


Indy finally completes his undergraduate degree and moves onto a graduate program (in linguistics) at the Sorbonne, in France.
October 1922:
His archaeology professor, Dorian Belecamus, invites him along on a dig in Greece. There, she's involved in a plot to overthrow King Constantine, and Indy is unknowingly set up to take the blame for the king's murder. Indy saves the king but loses Dorian when she is killed by a bullet meant for him. It is this adventure that marks the turning point in Indy's life. Archaeology now becomes his lifelong pursuit.
(Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi - Bantam Books)


Still a graduate student in France, Indy goes on a dig with Roland Walcott and other students. Indy discovers an underwater cave with Ice Age paintings and clay animals inside. Walcott learns of this and tries to steal the glory for himself, but disappears into an underground river during a struggle. He is presumed dead.
(Indiana Jones and the Unicorn's Legacy - Bantam Books)


Indy completes his graduate studies at the Sorbonne and is hired for his first professorial job at London University. The job is teaching a summer archaeology course.

On the way to London, Indy is troubled by several unpleasant "gifts" (black widows and scorpions) and thinks he is being followed. Once in London, the head of the Archaeology department, Joanna Campbell, invites Indy on a dig in Whithorn, Scotland. The purpose of the dig is to confirm the legend of Merlin and to study Stonehenge. Indy also ends up romancing Joanna's daughter, Deirdre.  Indy's mysterious follower is revealed as a British Parliament member working to revive the Druids.
(Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants - Bantam Books)




March 1926:
Indy and Deirdre recover the Mask of Camozotz and other artifacts during an expedition in Guatemala.
(Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils - Bantam Books)

April 1926:
Indy returns to New York to recover from a gunshot wound suffered in Guatemala. Marcus Brody gives Indy several pages from the journal of an explorer gone missing in Brazil. Deirdre tags along and they are eventually captured by the same people who captured the missing explorer. The residents of Ceiba (the kidnappers) need new blood or the magical abilities they use to veil their city will be lost. Indy, Deirdre and Fawcett (the missing explorer) escape, but their plane crashes.
(Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils - Bantam Books)
Deirdre Campbell Jones was killed in the plane crash during an expedition to Brazil in April of 1926.

Late 1926:
While studying archeology, Jones learns from Professor Abner Ravenwood while he discovers the Staff of Ra. The two developed a strong friendship, which Jones ultimately destroys by romancing Abner's young daughter, Marion. He would not see her again until a decade later.
(Indiana Jones and the Lost Horizon - unpublished)




Indy parts ways with his job in London and returns to Chicago. He visits an old friend, Jack Shannon, a jazz musician with family ties to organized crime. After their reunion, Shannon convinces Indy to attend a lecture give by a Russian who claims to have climbed Mount Ararat and seen Noah's Ark. They join an expedition to the mount after being chased out of Chicago. A group of Bolshevik spies known as the Janissary Corps also attack Indy's group, but they still manage to reach the site of the Ark. An avalanche occurs, saving them from the Janissaries, but at the cost of burying the Ark beneath tons of snow and ice. Any hope of its recovery is lost.
(Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge - Bantam Books)




May/June 1928:
Indy spends the school year teaching at a small New England college. Once classes end, he plans to resume studies with fellow archaeologist Mara Rogers (they met during the southern France dig in 1924). Unfortunately, he receives a telegram announcing delays in their plans, so Indy heads off to Utah to study the Anasazi ruins without her.  His traveling companion, Jack Shannon, is kidnapped by Roland Walcott (long thought dead) who mistakes Jack for Indy. Walcott's plan is to trade Indy/Jack for Mara's knowledge of a unicorn's horn.  But Mara turns the tables on Walcott, saying that she will kill Indy herself before giving up the horn. Later, Marcus Brody and Indy work together with a fake horn to trick Mara out of the original.  Once they recover the horn, Indy returns to the Anasazi ruins and replaces the horn in the crevice which dynamite.
(Indiana Jones and the Unicorn's Legacy - Bantam Books)




Spring 1929:
After spending a few weeks attempting to decipher the rongo-rongo tablets on Easter Island, Indy is contacted by Marcus Brody, who needs his help on an urgent mission.  Brody's brother-in-law, Hans Beitelheimer's fascination with a local myth of a ghost ship and is led on an adventure which takes him to the dreamlike"interior world".   Indy eventually escapes, ending up on Liberty Island in New York City.
(Indiana Jones and the Interior World - Bantam Books)




Indy is sent on a mission to discover the origin of mysterious flying discs which have been forcing down and destroying aircraft's.  Indy gathers together some other adventurers and they find and destroy the discs and the dirigible from which they are launched.
(Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates - Bantam Books)

After the UFO adventure, Indy bounces back and forth between England and the United States. First, he completes some business at the University of London, then resumes his teaching job at Princeton. He cycles back to England during a vacation to take flying lessons and has an adventure in the St. Brendan Glen area. He discovers that a friend of his instructor has Merlin's scabbard, which protects from gunshot wounds. Together, they return to the United States once more, this time on the trail of some valuable gold coins.
(Indiana Jones and the White Witch - Bantam Books)

Winter 1930:
In the deep winter of Northern Europe, Dr. Henry Jones Jr. undergoes one of the most harrowing archeological digs of his career! Amidst a deadly blizzard, he must find an ancient monument and unlock its secrets before someone with much darker intentions gets there first!
(Indiana Jones Adventures Vol. 1 - Dark Horse comic)




At the foot of the Andes Mountains Indiana Jones is searching for any trace of his friend, an American geologist. After an exciting search he finds the deathly ill man in the small village of a primitive Indian tribe.  As the man lays dying he gives Indy a strange amulet shaped like a feathered snake. The Amulet was once the propriety of a Mayan High Priest and is said to grant its Wearer magical powers. Unfortunately the only thing the amulet brings Indy is trouble as he is targeted by a hostile tribe who wants the amulet back in their possession.
(Indiana Jones and the Feathered Snake - Goldmann novel)




March 1933:
Indy finds a four hundred years old manuscript that holds the secret of the Philosopher's stone - which, according to legend, has the power to turn lead into gold and to grant immortality. All attempts to decipher the manuscript have failed and now the manuscript has been stolen. On the trail of a missing British alchemist and an insane Renaissance scholar, Indy travels to Rome, where he learns that the stolen manuscript for which he is searching is actually a map to an ancient crypt, wherein lies the most magnificent discovery yet.
(Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone - Bantam Books)

June 1933:
Indiana Jones and his young cousin leave New York Harbor for Malekula, a tiny jungle island southeast of New Guinea. They are in search of a priceless carved ebony dove once worshipped by the natives and rediscovered five or six years before by Abner Ravenwood just before the natives chased him away.
(FYF#1 - Curse of Horror Island)
Indy goes to the Himalayas with his young cousin and a woman named Lilah Rogers in search of Lilah's father and of the Silver Tower at the entrance to a village of giants. They are assisted by Mohaji, the leader of their Sherpa guides.
(FYF#3 - Giants of the Silver Tower)
Late 1933:
In this adventure, Indy parts his ways from Alecia and meets up with Joan Starbuck, a missionary nun who needs help finding her father in Asia. She also brings a horn, which is proven to be from a dinosaur, that recently died! Join Indy, Joan, Granger, and Wu Han to explore Mongolia for Angus Starbuck and for the lost dinosaur.
(Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs - Bantam Books)



Early 1934:
Indiana Jones gets a mysterious visitor before he leaves for treasure hunting - an Arctic explorer who dies after giving him a box and explores his tale. He joins a Danish adventurer, a pilot friend, and a smart radio operator to a Nazi ship near Iceland and tests their wits about finding the world beneath our feet.
(Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth - Bantam Books)

June 1934:
Indy and his young cousin travel to Cairo, Egypt to recover a pair of mummies stolen from the National Museum. They meet with the curator of the Cairo Museum, Omar Salaam, and his assistant, Marla Evans. They discover the Cult of Rhamahr, whose members believe they can bring mummies back to life.
(FYF#7 - Cult of the Mummy's Crypt)
Indiana Jones follows a trail of danger, magic, and archaeological mystery through the war-torn Orient, from Rangoon to the Egyptian desert, searching for the secret underground hiding place of the all-powerful Omega Book. But with a beautiful woman seeking her missing magician husband, and a vengeance-crazed Japanese spymaster hot on his hells, Indy is running out of time. If the Omega Book falls into the wrong hands, not only his own fate but the fate of the world will be at the mercy of a madman bent on writing humanity's final chapter!
(Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx - Bantam Books)



Early 1935:
Indy is in the South Pacific near the Marquesas Islands, searching for the underwater Shrine of the Sea Devil. He finds the Shrine, filled with statues inlaid with pearl, but loses the treasure when a giant octopus destroys his ship.
(Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil - Dark Horse comic)

Summer 1935:
In Washington, D.C., Indy and a young summer intern at the National Museum meet with a European archaeologist named Mihail Tepes. Mihail is the last living member of the Royal Romanian family of Dracula. Mihail believes that his ancestor, the bloodthirsty Prince Vlad still lives as a result of drinking from the Cup of Djemsheed, a solid gold, jewel-encrusted cup stolen from a Mosque in Persia during the sixteenth century and lost ever since. Indy, Mihail, and the intern travel to Romania and visit castle Dracula in search of the cup.
(FYF#5 - Cup of the Vampire)
Indiana Jones is hired by the Chinese to find a lost treasure called the Heart of the Dragon, a powerful black pearl that supposedly gives its owner the ability to control the minds of others. Indy must do this before the Nazis can seize it and use its power to dominate the globe. From there, a globe-trotting adventure begins as Indy stays one step ahead of Nazis and Asian bad men to find pieces of a magic mirror which will show him the way through the Emperor’s Tomb to the Heart of the Dragon.
(Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - LucasArts game)
After an escape from the streets of Shanghai, Indy, Willie Scott (a night club singer), and a 12 year old named Short Round end up in an Indian village where the people believe evil spirits have taken their children away after a sacred Shankara stone was stolen. Indiana Jones agrees to try and retrieve the stone with the children for the villagers and heads to Pankot Palace where he confronts a cult of Kali worshippers and manages to defeat the high priest of the cult, recover one of the three Sankara stones and save the village's children.
(Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)



Early 1936:
Indy travels with a museum curator's kid to Lake Titicaca to find a missing cargo plane at the request of reclusive millionaire Waldo Shyster-Haven. Indy's friend and fellow archaeologist, Sir Reginald Brooksbank, was aboard the cargo plane along with the Pendant of the Incas, a golden necklace that once belonged to Manco Capac and which gave the Inca King power over life and death.
(FYF#6 - Legion of Death)


Late 1936:
Government agents intercept a communiqué from Cairo to Berlin believed to be send by Abner Ravenwood. Indy is consulted, since he has had past dealings with Ravenwood, and is asked to investigate the Nazi dig.  He learns that they are looking for the headpiece of the Staff of Ra so that they can locate the Well of the Souls, the resting place of the lost Ark of the Covenant. Indy beats the Nazis, both to the headpiece and to the Well of the Souls. Ravenwood's daughter, Marion, becomes Indy's partner in the adventure and together they find the Ark. Belloq shows up again to steal the Ark for the Nazis (he is their lead archaeologist) but is killed when he opens the Ark to get the tablets containing the Ten Commandments. The Ark is placed into storage in a secret government warehouse somewhere in Washington.
(Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Charlie Dunne, a former student who claims to have found the Ikons of Ikammanen, is killed. Indy goes to Krikambo, a northeast African coastal town, to meet Charlie's sister Edith. She is kidnapped by Solomon Black and Indy and Edith are forced to find the Ikons for him. When Nazis torpedo Black's ship, Indy and Edith escape with an Ikon. Indy reveals that Edith killed her brother to get all the credit for the find, so he leaves her to the vengeance of the Ikon.
(Marvel comic #1-2 - Ikons of Ikammanen)
Indy meets a four-hundred-year-old man named Prospero and his two-hundred-year old grandson. They are chased by suspicious local yokels and are trying to prevent the army from burying a special spring Prospero needs to concoct his elixir of immortality. In the end, the spring is buried, and Indy and Prospero go their separate ways.
(Marvel comic #3 - The Devil's Cradle)
Indy joins the "gateway project" in England, investigating a crystal cylinder discovered within a Stonehenge monolith. Indy works with an English woman, Professor Karen Mays, but the Nazis are also after the secret of the discovery. Indy and Karen discover that the cylinder is the key to a dimensional gateway. The Nazis steal the cylinder and try to summon the beings from that dimension, but Indy and Karen stop them by destroying the cylinder.
(Marvel comic #4-5 - Gateway to Infinity)
Marion Ravenwood opens the Raven's Nest, a Manhattan nightclub, with Indiana Jones as a silent partner. The opening night festivities, featuring guest singer Frank Sinatra, are interrupted. Indy and Marion suspect gangster Emil Marko, but later catch their interior decorator, Jamal, sabotaging the club and discover that he had been using it as a cover for smuggling artifacts.
(Marvel comic #6 - Club Nightmare)
Indy recovers a Piute summoning stone stolen from the National Museum by a ring of international artifact thieves, led by Ian McIver, with whom Indy had previously tangled over some tablets in Bangkok. In retrieving the stone, Indy also gets a map dealing with the movements of a clan of people called the Shintay, who supposedly split off from Atlantis. Indy and Marion travel to Cameroon in West Africa and head into the Congo. They meet a group of Nazis led by Colonel Vogel and Ian McIver, but all are captured by the Shintay, who explain that they were banished from Atlantis because they worship death while the Atlanteans revered life. Vogel tries to take a crystal power orb and destroys the entire Shintay citadel leaving only Indy, Marion, and McIver as survivors.
(Marvel comic #7-8 - Africa Screams)
Sallah helps Indy recover the gold Chachapoyan idol that was stolen from him in Peru by Rene Belloq. He delivers it to Marcus Brody and the National Museum, but it is stolen again by Xomez, a descendant of Chachapoyan warriors. Indy goes to Manaus, Brazil, to recover it. There he meets Ilsa Toht, sister of Ernst Toht, who tries to kill Indy. Indy recovers the idol, but Ilsa is lost at sea.
(Marvel comic #9-10 - The Gold Goddess)
In Australia, Indy finds a calendar ring, a relic from the Arnhelm cult that once lived near Sydney. While there he meets Ben Ali Ayoob, a relic collector with many homes around the world that house his collections. Ayoob tries to hire Indy to find for him the fourth nail of the crucifixion, supposedly stolen from Golgotha by a gypsy, prompting the gypsies to believe that God forgives them for petty crimes. Indy declines Ayoob's offer, but decides to go after the nail himself for the National Museum. Indy goes to Barcelona, followed by Ayoob's Ismalis (Arabian Ninja), finds Torino, and meets Marion, the National Museum's new public relations officer. After fights in a cathedral and a bullring stockpen, Indy is shown the fourth nail. Ayoob's Ismalis try to steal it and are instantly killed, so Indy decides to return home empty handed.
(Marvel comic #11-12 - The Fourth Nail)
Indy takes his advanced archaeology class on a field trip to the cliff dwelling Indian territory of Arizona. He stops the work of Busby Giles, who is destroying the ancient dwellings to build a criminal hideout.
(Marvel comic #13 - Deadly Rock)
Harvey Poindexter, an accountant for the National Museum, finds in the museum basement a trunk with some relics and old bones from Mexico. The bones are thought to be the skeleton of an evil god, whose remains could influence one to evil. Harvey goes mad, and is killed trying to get away with the trunk. Indy recovers the relics, but not the bones.
(Marvel comic #14 - Demons)
Indiana Jones flies with Jock Lindsey to photograph an abandoned Chinese temple on one of the Aleutian islands. He then hires Simon Katanga's ship, the Bantu Wind, to take him there. They are watched closely by Commander Kyoji Hiroto of the Japanese navy and Emeralda Vasquez, a pirate with a stolen U.S. Navy submarine. Emeralda captures the Bantu Wind, loads the temple's treasures aboard, and destroys the temple. Indy captures the submarine and goes after Emeralda, but she signals the Japanese that the sub is attacking her ship. Indy escapes with the sub, and he and Katanga recapture the Bantu Wind. Emeralda returns to her sub, which is destroyed by the Japanese.
(Marvel comic #15-16 - The Sea Butchers)
In search of the presumed dead Abner Ravenwood, Marion's long-lost father, Indy and Marion travel to Greece, looking for one of Abner's ex-partners. He puts them on the trail of another ex-partner, Andre Lafonte, who has a map to Ra-Lundi. Marion steals the map, and she and Indy travel to Ra-Lundi. The city is warmed and protected by a glowing meteorite, called F'han-Tal by the people. F'han-Tal has the power to heal, but exposure to it for more than a day or so causes total dependence on it, so Indy, with the help of a masked white man who is possibly Abner Ravenwood, destroys the stone, releasing the people from their dependence on it.
(Marvel comic #17-18 - The Search for Abner)
Indiana Jones receives a letter from Professor Kobayashi in Japan which reports that a Japanese expedition has discovered a dragon frozen in the Himalayas. The letter also indulges that Japan's military has decided to attempt to use the creature. Indy travels to the Himalayas and then to Japan. He releases the dragon from the military, and with a pre-Indic incantation returns the creature to its frozen home in the Himalayas where it is worshipped by the descendants of prehistoric cave dwellers.
(Marvel comic #19 - Dragon by the Tail)
The National Museum's Arnham calendar ring is replaced by a fake, and Marcus Brody is blamed. Indy discovers that a Cuban arms dealer named Joan Soto is responsible, and Indy, Marcus, and Marion go to Havana to question him. Indy learns that Soto is working for Ben Ali Ayoob.
(Marvel comic #20 - The Cuban Connection)
Indy, Marcus, and Marion go to Merthyr Tydfil, a small village in South Wales, looking for Austin "Cutter" Coleridge, and old college pal of Marcus Brody, who can help them find Ben Ali Ayoob. Ayoob hired Coleridge to unearth the Lucifer Chamber, rumored to be the gateway to hell, and obtain the fabled "Devil's Heart," an amulet said to contain the very soul of Satan. Coleridge, however, believes that the Lucifer Chamber is the doorway to Aghast, the fabled city at the earth's core, where all things are made of gold. He believes that the ancient druids were really alchemists who discovered the philosopher's stone; in fact, Coleridge's left hand is sold gold from having once held the philosopher's stone. Coleridge breaks through the doorway and is absorbed by an occult force which destroys the chamber.
(Marvel comic #21 - Beyond the Lucifer Chamber)
Indy, Marion, and Marcus travel to Switzerland to retrieve the Arnhem ring from Ben Ali Ayoob. Ayoob is vaporized by the contents of a box known as the Devil's Heart. Indy recovers the Arnhem ring and the group returns to Connecticut.
(Marvel comic #22 - End Run)
Indy goes after the crown of Rurick, proof that Vikings sailed as far away as the South Pacific. Kaloo, the island where it was last seen, is controlled by a self-proclaimed potentate named Lord Harry. To gain access to the island, Indy answers an ad from Gold Star films for a stuntman to dive off a waterfall in the South Pacific. Indy gets the crown and helps the film crew escape from Lord Harry and his men, but the crown turns out to be a fake.
(Marvel comic #23 - The Secret of the Deep)
Indy is attacked by a gang led by Sigfried Klexx, a crooked archaeologist. While investigating, Indy stows aboard their ship, the Capricorn Queen, and finds himself in Central America. He rescues a prisoner on board named Julia Valdez, but Klexx recaptures them both and attempts to use Julia in a deadly ceremony at an ancient structure containing gems, precious metals, and relics. Indy escapes and rescues Julia, and the structure self-destructs, killing everyone nearby.
(Marvel comic #24 - Revenge of the Ancients)
Indy goes to the Peruvian Andes to meet Jessie Hale, who has uncovered a stone slab that reveals the location of the El Dorado treasure. Ivar Reiss, the rebellious son of wealthy industrialist Edgard Reiss, forces Indy and Jessie to lead him to the El Dorado. It turns out to be an Inca trap, and Reiss and his men are buried under a mountain of rubble.
(Marvel comic #25 - Good as Gold)
Indy finds what might be an Atlantic relic in the Caribbean, and Short Round, who has been in a boarding school, helps him escape with it from a Latin American military patrol boat. The relic turns out to be merely a ballast weight. Elizabeth Cody asks Indy to help recover a pair of gold-plated, pearl-gripped revolvers given to her grandfather, William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, by the Czar of Russia. She suspects that the revolvers were stolen by the Russian Count Salkovich. While Indy and Beth are in the Southern Ukraine, they are kidnapped by Cossacks who help recover the revolvers.
(Marvel comic #26-27 - Trail of the Golden Guns)
Alec Sutherland, a student of the late Dr. Arthur Hecht (of whom Indiana Jones is also a former student), asks Indy to help carry on Hecht's work. He was investigating the Tower of Tears in Iran, one of the seven fabled towers scattered across the earth harboring sorcerers who seek to chant the world to destruction. Indy and Alec find the tower, but the sorcerer who lives there claims to be the only one, and he dies in an explosion.
(Marvel comic #28 - Tower of Tears)
Indy goes to San Francisco to pick up Chinese mummy for the National Museum. He is attacked by Chinese gangsters who want to preserve the remains of their ancestor. Indy is rescued by Jessie Hale, whose brother, Peter, brought the mummy over from China. The Irish Republican Army is after the crate, which is supposed to contain guns for them in place of the mummy. In fact, the crate contains the body of Patrick McManus, the IRA's agent in China. Michael Cobb of the IRA decides to take Indy to China to help hunt down Weng Ho, the Chinaman who double crossed them.
(Marvel comic #29 - Shot by Both Sides)
Indy travels to China with Michael Cobb of the IRA. Indy is looking for a stolen Chinese mummy, and Cobb is looking for stolen guns for his cause. Indy and Cobb gain access to the stronghold of Weng Ho, a revolutionist with plans to overthrow Chiang Kai-Shek. Cobb and Ho are killed and Indy returns to the U.S., sending the mummy ahead.
(Marvel comic #30 - Fireworks)
Returning from China, Indy stops in the state of Washington, where he meets big game hunter "Congo" Kate Crawford, who is hunting for Bigfoot. Her Indian guide, Robert Thundercloud, is accused by Sheriff Hyatt of murdering a bartender in town. It turns out that Hyatt is a spy for the Japanese and Thundercloud is a FBI agent.
(Marvel comic #31 - Big Game)
A young woman, posing as Miss Victoria Keith of the British Museum, uses Indy to gain access to the National Museum where she steals an amulet related to Dr. Hecht's seven sorcerers. She escapes by plane with the amulet and is later identified as a thief for hire named Amanda Knight.
(Marvel comic #32 - Double Play)

When a group of preeminent archaeologists discovers a prehistoric map to an ancient tomb, they have no idea that they will spend the rest of their lives making sure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Now, with Nazis hot on their trail, they entrust Indiana Jones with the map and a cryptic warning: "Some mysteries are best left undiscovered." It's a race around the globe as Indiana Jones attempts to stop a group of Hitler's Nazi elite from harnessing an ancient power of unrivaled destructive force that has been hidden for millennia in the mysterious Tomb of the Gods!.
(Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods - Dark Horse comic)




August 1937:
In Greece, Indy recovers the shield of Perseus from a sunken ship. It gives clues to the location of the Eye of the Fates, which can show the future. Indy and a museum curator's kid travel to Mount Olympus with a Greek sailor named Costas, or to Japan where they meet Rene Belloq's brother Claude.
(FYF#4 - Eye of the Fates)

Indy follows Amanda Knight to England and Scotland Yard directs him to the Orkney Islands north of Scotland. There Indy finds Amanda and also discovers that the local lighthouse keeper, Ian Soames, is one of the seven sorcerers, and has the amulet Amanda had stolen for him.
(Marvel comic #33 - Magic, Murder, and the Weather)
In a showdown between Ian Soames and Indiana Jones, Soame's lighthouse is destroyed and Soames is lost. Indy recovers the amulet and returns to Connecticut.
(Marvel comic #34 - Something's Gone Wrong Again)
Indiana Jones leaves Marshall College in Connecticut to teach at Barnett College in New York.
But in New York Indy loses the Archaeology 101 course to a Peruvian woman who studied at Harvard, Yale and Sorbonne.  She shows Indiana a package that she received from her brother which contains a sacred Inca artifact, the Finger of Gold. Together, Indy and Francesca (the female professor) head off to locate the Golden Arms, which are also part of the same mummification case used by the Incas.
(Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold - Dark Horse comic)



June 1938:
Indy's friend, John Penniman, is killed by someone looking for the Dragon of Vengeance. Indy goes to China in search of it, followed by a persistent young kid from New York City. Penniman's servant, Lo Cheng, reveals that the Dragon of Vengeance had been unearthed and two Chinese societies, the Golden Lotus and the White Tigers, were battling for it. Indy confronts the Golden Lotus leader in an ancient mountain temple.
(FYF#8 - Dragon of Vengeance)

Christmas 1938:
Indy travels to Ethiopia with young George Ballantine in search of George's father, Dr. Roger Ballentine, who had been kidnapped by Italian fascists. Dr. Ballentyne had a map to the lost treasure of Sheba and had invented a diamond laser. Indy and George either go to the capital, Addis Ababa, where they team up with a local bandit named Kassaye, or are followed by inept bunglers on a religious pilgrimage to Lalibela.
(FYF#2 - Lost Treasure of Sheba)
Indiana Jones finally recovers the Cross of Coronado from the man who "acquired" it back in 1912. Afterwards, he returns to his job at Barnett College and is contracted by a collector of antiquities, Walter Donovan.  He informs Indy that his father, Henry Jones Sr., disappeared during a search for the Holy Grail. Indiana travels to Italy and joins forces with another archaeologist, Elsa Schneider.  Together, they find several other clues concerning the Grail and eventually determine its actual resting place. Elsa and Donovan are revealed to be Nazi spies when Indy finally locates his father. They steal the Grail diary and leave the father and son team captive. The Joneses escape, retrieve the diary and barely catch up to the Nazis in the hunt for the Grail. Unfortunately, the Grail is lost when Elsa attempts to take it beyond the seal of the cave where they found it.
(Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)
Indiana's next adventure takes him on a dig in China, near the site of an ancient monastery.  He unearths a stone tablet inscribed in an ancient language, but he cannot decipher it.  From the monks, he learns that the tablet tells of a covenant left by Buddha himself, perhaps the one true key to the state of Nirvana.  He also learns that the Japanese are after the tablet so that they can control the destiny of the world.  Indy's search for the tablets takes him through India, Tibet, China and to Shangri-La.
(Indiana Jones: Thunder in the Orient - Dark Horse comic)
On vacation in Venice with his young cousin, Indy meets an old friend, Giacomo Andrini, who claims to have found Marco Polo's diaries. Indy outwits one of Mussolini's Fascists and goes to Mongolia. There he meets Mongolian bandits led by a woman named Bortay.
(FYF#9 - Gold of Genghis Khan)



March 1939:
Once he does, Indiana is hired by the US Government to lead an expedition to an iceberg near Greenland to uncover an ice-encased Viking longship.  The Germans are also interested in the ice wall, since it contains a strange disc of unearthly origin.   The disc is freed, revealing itself to be a UFO which destroys the Nazi submarine before disappearing into space.  The US rescue team arrives barely in time to save Indy's group from the longship, which sinks back beneath the surface of the water.
(Indiana Jones and the Longship of the Gods - Goldmann novel)

May 1939:
A mysterious stranger arrives at Barnett College with an ancient key and Indiana looks up a former colleague, Sophia Hapgood.  Together, they determine that the key is part of a dig that unearthed treasures from the lost continent of Atlantis.  Continuing that quest, they travel around the world, adventuring in Mayan ruins and the labyrinth of the Minotaur before finding all of the pieces of the key to Atlantis.  Just as they do, the Nazis arrive, intent on plundering Atlantis for their own gains.  They nearly succeed, but ancient magic's kill the Nazis and place Atlantis out of reach once more.
(Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Dark Horse comic & LucasArts game)
July 1939:
Indy and his young cousin are in Eastern China with an ancient Ming vase trying to escape a band of Chinese bandits. The vase is broken and Indy decides to take a fishing vacation in the Philippines. A female archaeologist name Billie Simpson tricks Indy into going to Howling Island where her brother, Dr. Foster McCray, has forced a band of giant apes to become his slaves. Over the years the apes have built a huge wall of ape skulls and the wind blowing through the gaping mouths and empty eye sockets causes the howling for which the island is named.
(FYF #16 - Ape Slaves of Howling Island)
After leaving Crete, Indy finds himself in the Sargasso Sea, the legendary "ship graveyard" in the Atlantic.  Once there, Indy discovers a community of stranded survivors and descendants who have based their lifestyle on the pirates of history.  Indy finds relics from nearly every known seagoing culture, but spends most of his time just trying to escape.
(Indiana Jones and the Sargasso Pirates - Dark Horse comic)

Indiana Jones travels to locations ranging from San Francisco's Chinatown to the jungles of Panama to track down the legendary Staff of Moses.
(Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings - LucasArts game)




Indy has a dance with death on an island in the Indian Ocean. During an observation of native worshippers, many of them become ill with an outbreak of the plague. The source of the plague is the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, who is releasing his evils upon the world. Indy fights some zombies and barely escapes an earthquake which hits the area, killing the Horseman.
(Indiana Jones: The Dance of Death - Dark Horse comic)

September 1940:
Indy visits an old school buddy in Maine and they set off in search of the missing headband from a Celtic crown. They go to London, where Indy and his friends have several adventures.
(Indiana Jones and the Avalon Inheritance - Goldmann novel)



Spring 1941:
Indy returns to Greece again, this time near Mycenae.  He begins work at a British site, but a German invasion of the area causes the British to abandon the dig, leaving Indiana alone.  On his own, he discovers an artifact which verifies the existence of the legendary Golden Fleece.  There is a scuffle with the Germans and they steal the artifact.  Indy still manages to find the location of the Fleece and fights a life-or-death battle with its guardian serpent.
(Indiana Jones and the Golden Fleece - Dark Horse comic)

May 1941:
Indiana Jones is a man who does not forget. 16 years ago, professor Basil saved his life and now as a wire from Istanbul reaches him, it’s his chance to return the favor. But as he arrives in Turkey, his friend is suddenly missing. All the tracks lead to Egypt. In the shadows of the pyramids Indiana Jones meets an ancient, cruel force, who waited centuries to be released.
(Indiana Jones and the Labyrinth of Horus - Goldmann novel)
Summer 1941:
At a reception at the Russian Embassy in Washington, Indy prevents a bomb attack which was set up by Japanese agents and saves the life of a commissar, Tamara Jaglova, who happens to be looking for someone to lead an expedition to examine the grave of Genghis Khan.   After several dangerous encounters with the Japanese, they recover Genghis Khan's sword.  Unfortunately, the sword is cursed and its power prevents Indy from parting with it.  At a critical moment, Indy manages to toss it into the air and an enemy grabs the sword, then plunges in an abyss.
(Indiana Jones and Genghis Khan's Sword - Goldmann novel)
Late 1941:
Following the outbreak of World War II, the German Navy sets up a network of U-boat bases in the South Seas.  An American secret agent, Jonah, obtains a sketchy map detailing their locations and it eventually reaches Washington.  Soon after, the government calls in Indiana to solve the mystery of the map.  He does, but Jonah is killed before the secret base on the Easter Island is destroyed.
(Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Easter Island - Goldmann novel)



June 1943:
Professor Korda, a friend and colleague of Indiana Jones, is caught aboard a plane in a storm over the bolivian rainforest. Just before he has to make a forced landing, he makes a sensational discovery: A valley that seems to be covered with pure gold! To reveal the secret of this meteor crater he needs the help of Indiana Jones.  Indy comes to the conclusion that Korda has found the legendary gold treasures of El Dorado. But the treasure is cursed. Anyone who touches it, falls ill and dies a very painful death.
(Indiana Jones and El Dorado's Gold - Goldmann novel)

August 1943:
When he returns to the states, Indiana rescues a colleague, Petryk, from Chicago mobsters and then goes to Utah to check on some seemingly contradictory information about the Anasazi culture. After a few adventures with the mobsters, Indy meets with some of the supposedly extinct Indians and finally returns to Barnett College.
(Indiana Jones and the Lost People - Goldmann novel)


In a last ditch effort, Hitler sends agents to Britain and Ireland in search of the spear which pierced the side of Christ on Good Friday. It is believed that the spear would make the army that wielded it invincible.  However, one of the agents has his own plans for the spear, and when he is defeated by Indiana and the "True King of Ireland," Hitler loses his prize.
(Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny - Dark Horse comic)


Indy goes to Russia at the request of the Soviet government to evaluate ancient artifacts. He unearths the Key of King Solomon which tells of the design of the Philosophers' Stone containing the secret for turning base metal into gold and bringing inanimate objects to life. Indy sets off to the three churches which are said to hold the three pieces of the stone. He obtains the first piece from a coven of witches in Ireland and heads to Tibet after the second piece.
(Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix - Dark Horse comic)


Indiana Jones, exhausted by conflicts, is trying to resume his digging career in the American Southwest, far from the excitement of his treasure-hunting past. Fortunately for Indy's adventurous soul, the world is still a dangerous place. The Soviet Union has slammed an Iron Curtain down across Europe, provoking the Cold War that will occupy East and West for half a century. Communist agents are everywhere, searching for a weapon to tip the balance of power in their favor.  And they may have found something useful in the desert ruins of Babylon, the legendary Tower of Babel. Gennadi Volodnikov, an unorthodox Russian scholar, thinks the Tower housed a machine to reach across the dimensions of space and time, inspired by the winged god Marduk. When gears began to clatter, alarmed Babylonians toppled the Tower, scattering four of Marduk's disciples - and parts of the machine - to the far corners of the globe.  Indy races the Soviets to recover those parts and stop them from repairing "Infernal Machine".
(Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - LucasArts game)


Indy attempts to save a sacred Native American relic from falling into the wrong hands in Wyoming.
(Chapter 20: Mystery of the Blues - tv-series)



At the height of the Cold War Indy discovers that recent activities have made him the object of suspicion, and that the government has put pressure on the university to fire him. On his way out of town, Indiana meets rebellious young Mutt Williams, who carries both a grudge and a proposition for the adventurous archaeologist: If he'll help Mutt on a mission with deeply personal stakes, Indy could very well make one of the most spectacular archaeological finds in history - the Crystal Skull of Akator, a legendary object of fascination, superstition and fear.
But as Indy and Mutt set out for the most remote corners of Peru they quickly realize they are not alone in their search. The Soviet agents are also hot on the trail of the Crystal Skull. Chief among them is Irina Spalko, whose elite military unit is scouring the globe for the eerie Crystal Skull, which they believe can help the Soviets dominate the world... if they can unlock its secrets.
During their quest to stop the powerful Crystal Skull from falling into the deadliest of hands Indy meets Mutt's mother, who turns out to be his old love Marion Ravenwood. She reveals that Mutt's real name is Henry Jones the 3rd... Indiana's son!
(Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)


After returning home from Peru, Indy is reinstated and made an associate dean at Marshall College.
Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood are married.


Age and injury may have finally taken their toll on Jones' adventuring days, but Indy markedly active in his advanced age.
Indy is still lecturing, at the age of 93. Though he needs a cane and wears an eye-patch, Jones is able to lead an independent life, possesses a quick wit, and enjoys recounting a lifetime of extraordinary adventures throughout the 20th century.
(tv-series - Deleted Scenes)

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