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Chapter 11:
Oganga, The Giver and Taker of Life
East Africa/Congo - 1916
Video cover
Runtime: 90 min.

Directed by: Simon Wincer
Story by: George Lucas
Screenplay by: Frank Darabont
Music by: Joel McNeely
Executive Producer: George Lucas
Produced by: Rick McCallum

Sean Patrick Flanery .... Indiana Jones
Ronny Coutteure .... Remy Baudouin
Friedrich von Thun .... Albert Schweitzer
Isolde Barth .... Helene Schweitzer
Yann Collette .... Colonel Pernod
Isaach De Bankolé .... Barthelemy Boganda
Michel Duchaussoy .... Major Boucher
Bryan Pringle .... Sloat


The Story

On a vital military mission for the Allies, Indy comes across a disease-ravaged African village and is able to rescue one small child from certain death. The presence of the child endangers the mission, leaving Indy in a moral quandary, forced to fight his conscience, his sense of duty, his own men and the enemy as he battles his way across country.

Depressed by the turmoil around him, Indy reaches his lowest point. Hope appears in the presence of Albert Schweitzer, a profoundly inspiring and committed doctor, philosopher and musician. Helping out at Schweitzer's jungle hospital, Indy finds his faith in humanity restored and his outlook on life forever changed in this beautiful and moving film.


Famous people encounters:

Barthelemy Boganda
Major nationalist leader of the Central African Republic during the critical decolonization period of the 1950s. His strong popular support was unmatched by that of any other political figure in the four colonies of French Equatorial Africa.
Albert Schweitzer
Alsatian-German theologian, philosopher and mission doctor in equatorial Africa. He received the 1952 Nobel Prize for Peace for his work in behalf of the Brotherhood of Nations.
Release dates:

First air date:
Nov. 14, 1999

Video release:
October 26, 1999

DVD release:
Dec. 18, 2007
This Chapter contains former episodes:

German East Africa, December 1916 (1)
Episode #6 (Season 1-6)
Originally aired: April 1, 1992 on ABC

Congo, January 1917 (2)
Episode #7 (Season 1-7)
Originally aired: April 8, 1992 on ABC

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