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Chapter 2: Passion for Life
Paris - 1908, Kenya - 1909
Volume One - DVD cover
Runtime: 90 min.

Directed by: Rene Manzor & Carl Schultz
Story by: George Lucas
Screenplay by: Reg Gadney & Matthew Jacobs
Music by: Laurence Rosenthal & Joel McNeely
Executive Producer: George Lucas
Produced by: Rick McCallum

Corey Carrier .... Indiana Jones (Age 9)
Lloyd Owen .... Professor Henry Jones, Sr.
Ruth de Sosa .... Anna Jones
Margaret Tyzack .... Miss Helen Seymour
Danny Webb .... Pablo Picasso
Jean Pierre Aumont .... Edgar Degas
Lukas Haas .... Norman Rockwell
Eric Viellard .... George Braque
Nathalie Cardonne .... Fernande Olivier
Robert Manuel .... Henri Rousseau
Ron Berglas .... Kahnweiler
Paul Freeman .... Selous
James Gammon .... Teddy Roosevelt
Timothy Machin .... Kermit Roosevelt
Isaac Senteu Supeyo .... Meto


The Story

Nine-year-old Indy has an artful adventure with young Norman Rockwell while visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris. The two set off on an adventure in Montmartre where they find themselves caught up in a humorous scheme of the brash young artist Pablo Picasso to prove to the older Edgar Degas that Picasso can paint as well as Degas. The boys are invited to a banquet at Picasso's studio in honor of Henri Rousseau. Along the way they learn what Cubism is all about.

A year later, Young Indy and his parents are along for a rough ride when they join Theodore Roosevelt on a safari in British East Africa (now Kenya). Roosevelt is on an official expedition sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution to collect specimens of the elusive Fringe-Eared oryx for the National Museum in Washington.
With the help of his new friend Meto, a local Massai boy, young Indy has found the rare antelope for Teddy Roosevelt. But Indy also learns how the enthusiasm for hunting causes the unnecessary slaughter of rare animals. Now Indy must decide if he agrees with Roosevelt's view on "animal conservation".


Famous people encounters:

Pablo Picasso
Spanish painter, became one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century and the creator (with Georges Braque) of Cubism. Picasso's most famous work is his Guernica painting in Madrid.
George Braque
French painter, one of the important revolutionaries of 20th-century art who, together with Pablo Picasso, developed Cubism.
Edgar Degas
A French painter who was prominent in the Impressionist group and widely celebrated for his images of Parisian life.
Norman Rockwell
U.S. illustrator who provided illustrations for various magazines. He is best known for his covers for The Saturday Evening Post.
Henri Rousseau
French painter known for his richly coloured and meticulously detailed pictures of jungles, wild beasts, and exotic figures. After exhibiting with the Fauves in 1905, he gained the admiration of avant-garde artists.
Theodore Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States (1901–09) was an advocate for administrative, political and social reforms. In 1905, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Frederick Selous
British hunter and explorer whose south-central African travels added substantially to knowledge of the country later known as Rhodesia.
Release dates:
First air date:
Sept. 18, 2000

Video release:
Never released!

DVD release:
Oct. 23, 2007
This Chapter contains former episodes:
Paris, September 1908
Episode #23 (Season 2-16)
Originally aired: June 19, 1993 on

British East Africa, September 1909
Episode #4 (Season 1-4)
Originally aired: March 18, 1992 on

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