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"We had no idea it would evolve into what it has. As children, our lives were changed and shaped by Raiders of the Lost Ark. Now that our movie has resurfaced, Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark continues to change us and reshape our lives. Strangely, Raiders is no longer a movie for us. It’s transcended that and has become part of our life-changing history. It continues to open doors and take us on incredible adventures."
- Chris Strompolos -

Eric Zala & Chris Strompolos:

Chris & Eric
Chris and Eric.

After working on the periphery of the film industry (e.g., Video Game Industry, Music, DVD Production), the resurfacing of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation has reminded Chris and Eric of what is most satisfying and fulfilling to them: making movies. And so, after much careful planning, they have left behind safe corporate jobs and have formed an independent film production company, for the purpose of making the movies that they’d want to see themselves. Based in the same Mississippi town in which they did Raiders years earlier, their production company is called (appropriately enough) Rolling Boulder Films.
Both will reprise their familiar roles: Chris, as producer, will work out of Los Angeles. Eric, as director, will work out of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. They are currently writing and developing a number of projects; including a new adventure film set in the South.

Jayson Lamb:

Jayson Lamb
Jayson Lamb

After graduating from the California College of Arts and Crafts, Jayson took up work as an Audio/Visual Technician for hotel conferencing. Jayson met hundreds of individuals from all over the world and learned much about the diversity of business worldwide.
Presently Jayson has just launched his own business and website: It is a limited edition, fine art photography website. All of Jayson’s works are printed and mounted on canvas with high quality archival inks. In addition to showing and selling his artwork, Jayson is also focusing on restoring, archiving and editing together thirty plus hours of lost Raiders: Adaptation footage and outtakes shot between 1982 - 1989.


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