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Indiana Jones 4 Synopsis Contest
Ended on February 10, 2006 has teamed up with Warner Bros. to make a great contest! The prizes are 3 cool posters from Harrison Ford thriller, Firewall!

To get a chance at winning one of these Firewall posters you had to come up with a serious or fun story idea for Indiana Jones 4.

Here follow all the contest entries starting with the 3 winners.


The Winners

In alphabetical order.

Indiana Jones and the Caverns of Quivara
by Kyle Cossairt

Russian cutthroat Micha Gorvanic, flanked by his marauding band of Cossacks, secretly venture into the mountains of Central America armed with machine guns and a treasure map. Stolen from a sunken Spanish galleon, the treasure map, carved into the ships helm, pinpoints the location of Quivara, one of the Seven Cities of Gold. A metropolis so rich, it could fund the Russian's nuclear weapons program for centuries.
Indiana Jones with a feisty senorita by his side must thwart the Russians, a serpent wielding vixen and a murderous antiquities collector in search of Quivara, to expose a legend and save humanity.
Indiana Jones and the Shanghai Scroll
by Ryan Cox

Dr. Jones searches for the Scroll of Shanghai; an artifact giving Alexander the Great, Caesar, and Ghengis Kahn the deceptively overwhelming power to build the largest Empires in History. Indy finds the artifact's resting place by watching hidden Shaolin sundials in moonlight, only to find the scroll taken by Napoleon, centuries earlier. Simultaneously, his excavation is overrun by the Chinese, who are in cahoots with Russia to end the Cold War as the only super power. Jones finds and uses the scroll against Russia and America on St. Helena Island, so he can destroy it, fulfilling a promise to his father.
Indiana Jones and the Fate of the Film
by Devin Kowalski

Indiana Jones must locate the mysterious "Temple of Time" to create a doorway into an era of filmmaking when computer generated characters, sets and stunts were not essential to a film's production. However, ruthless studio executives have followed Indy through the portal and plan to destroy what little remains of classic filmmaking and the golden era of movies as we know it. Will Indy be able to stop these villains in time to save the fourth film? Or will humanity be forced to witness Renders of the Lost Ark?
(Note: simply in jest, no offence to filmmakers Spielberg or Lucas.)

Notable Entries

Story ideas submitted by people outside of the USA or Canada. They were unable to participate in the contest (shipping limitations) but still joined for the fun of it!

Indiana Jones and the Last Chance
by Giuliano D'Angelo (Italy)

...last time he decided to leave the crusader and the cup of immortality into the temple.
So the last adventure is rushing around the world between director writer and producers' homes, to get a good script and an approval for the finale 4th chapter. Before getting too old.
Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Nibelungs
by H. G. Jongebloed (Germany)

1953 - Old Nazis escaped to south america to build up a new world domination. The Nibelung Treasure they've already found, contains a mask, wich is originally an artifact of the Mayas! - The lost key to the maya power! The US secret service got this message from their East-Berlin division. The Old Nazis abduct Indy's daughter (Natalie Portman?) to South America, because she majored the Maya-Cult and she shall crack the mayan riddle. But they didn't count on Indiana Jones, who will hunting them in East-Berlin, at the Rhine, in the Vatican and in South America...

Other Entries

In alphabetical order.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Continent
bye Daniel Abernathy

While chasing a random artifact by boat, Indy travels through the Bermuda Triangle. His boat disappears, as the legend dictates. The triangle is actually a wormhole linking our time with the original continent, Pangea. There, a society has risen, consisting of all the vessels that have vanished over the years and the people that vanished within them. With the help of a female "native", Indy joins in the search for the elusive wormhole leading back to the present (1980s?). While Indy celebrates his connection with actual history, he battles with "civilians" against "military rebels" seeking domination.
Indiana Jones and the American Spirit
by Tim Dunn

In an effort to crush the spirit of 1950s America, Russian spies infiltrate the United States and abduct playwright Thornton Wilder just days after he appears on the cover of Time Magazine. In addition to nabbing the writer, the Russians steal the original manuscript of Wilder's seminal play, "Our Town." The U.S. Army once again seeks the expertise and skills of Dr. Henry Jones to recover the manuscript (which was due to be placed in his University museum later that year) and Wilder himself. Jones reluctantly accepts and embarks on an adventure spanning from New England to Siberia.
Indiana Jones and the Garden of Eden
by Patrick Hodges

Set in 1955, Dr. Indiana Jones is back. The world is in the heart of the Cold War, and tension is thick between the United States and the USSR. There are rumors that the Russians have their eyes set on a tract of land in the Middle East. But, the Chinese are very interested as well...
They are searching for the mysterious Garden of Eden. It is said that there is a tree there that produces fruit which will give one infinite knowledge. This fruit could be just what a country would need to shift the advantage to their side...
The United States approaches Indy and asks him to search for this historic utopia. He gladly accepts. Indy's father believes the Garden to be located in Turkey, but it seems that he has grown ill and cannot accompany Indy on his quest.
The Garden is said to be protected by Angels of God with flaming swords.... But what power of God lies inside the garden? Does the tree of the knowledge of good and evil exist? Indy will surely find out...
The journey that follows takes Indy to Russia, China, India, and finally to Turkey for the thrilling conclusion. Indy and those trailing him will come to find that there is more in the Garden than they had initially believed...
Indiana Jones and the Geriatric Wheelchair of Doom
by Logan

Indy is getting pretty old now. In the beginning, there is a fight seen where he breaks his knuckles punching a man. His back goes out too and he is sent to the hospital. In there he is ridiculed by his friends, and father, who has not aged. He leans of a secret wheelchair buried within the hospital. It gives strenght to anyone who sits in it. But a long time nemises hears of it, who is also Indy's age. Indy must find the wheelchair before his time runs out.
Indiana Jones: The Lost City
by Roxanne Rosas

Indiana Jones in Greece, searching for Atlantis. Present day residents of Santorini Island believe the caldera they live in is the remnants of what was once Atlantis. An explosions thousands of years ago created a tsunami when the volcano collapsed into the ocean leaving a crescent shaped island now known as Santorini.
We also know that Hitler's troupes were constantly searching for lost treasures and this would be a great one for them to find.

Indiana Jones and the Voice of God
by Graham Rowan

Following the end of World War II, a Russian general is following in Hitler's footsteps, tracking down various occult artifacts. He believes he has uncovered a trail that will lead him to the "Phonei Theou," the Voice of God. This is a device somewhere which speaks in the original, pre-Tower of Babel language. A language so powerful that God saw "nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them (Genesis 11:6)" and destroyed it utterly. Now Indy must prevent the general from finding it and gaining ultimate power.

Indiana Jones and the Curse of Atlantis
by John Sullivan

Indiana Jones will have to deal with his greatest fears yet in the upcoming fourth adventure in the series. The setting is in the late 1950’s, during the Cold War. We find out that Indiana Jones has a son, named John, and that his wife, named Lisa, died of Scarlet Fever.
Indy’s son is recruited by an Russian gentleman (Tom Selleck) to go in search of an ancient artifact of immense power hidden deep in the Amazon River of South America, Indy’s father suspects something is not right. Soon he stumbles upon a terrifying plot by a powerful secret society that is hell bent on recovering the ancient power.
Teamed once again with his father Henry Jones Sr., and the Russian Gentleman’s Daughter, Natasha, they head out to the Amazon River where both parties discover an ancient civilization, known as Atlantis, that still exists. They find out that this ancient artifact is a gift and a curse.
But will Indiana Jones be able to stop the secret society from harnessing the Atlantean Power and taking over the world. Can Natasha be trusted? And will they be able to get rid of the curse?


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