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Fan Fiction Writing Contest
Ended on May 29, 2005 has declared 2005 the "Year of the Raider"! To celebrate TR.N has hosted its first Fan Fiction Writing Contest.

First Prize Winner receives one complete set of 15 Indiana Jones adult novels, signed.

Second Prize Winner receives one complete set of Indiana Jones adult novels (7 books) written by Rob MacGregor, unsigned.

Third Prize Winner receives one complete set of Indiana Jones adult novels (4 books) written by Max McCoy, unsigned.


First of all I would like to thank all the Indiana Jones fans who have participated this Fan Fiction Writing Contest. I have received a total of 20 stories for this competition. Thanks!

But this art competition would have never existed without the support from Indiana Jones novel writers Rob MacGregor, Max McCoy and Campbell Black.'s own Bradley 'Shipwreck' Wynn came up with the initial idea for this competition and has put a lot of work into collecting the prizes.

Each Fan Fiction Writing Contest entry has been read and judged by three staff members. These judges were Michael French, Shipwreck and Gilles Verschuere.

This contest was divided into 4 categories. We had a Poetry category. A Short Story category with a page limit of 9 pages. A Novelization category where we asked to submit the first two chapters and complete synopsis, and prologue, if any. And we also had a Script category where we asked for 30-50 consecutive pages and a complete synopsis.


The Winners


First Prize:
The Archaeologist Who Came In From The Cold
A short story by Henry Colburn

Second Prize:
Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Unknown Tomb
A short story by J.P. Dambly
Third Prize:
Indiana Jones and the Quest of the White Knight
A short story by Christopher George Allan


In alphabetical order.


Rhymes of the Lost Ark
by Tom Latkowski

by William Seaward

Short Story

In alphabetical order.


Alive But Like A Nightmare
by Andrew Barham

Indiana Jones and the Tower of Knowledge
by Andrew Rhodes
Indiana Jones and the Third Stone of Atlantis
by AB
Indiana Jones and the Inca Knife
by Brent Hamilton
Indiana Jones And The Lost City
by Devon Slobozian
Indiana Jones and the Arabian Nights
by Elliott R. Serrano
Indiana Jones and the Runes of Ende
by Michael Beazel
Indiana Jones and the Elephant’s Eye
by Sean Gallinetti
Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Tomb
by Stephanie Black



Indiana Jones and the Tome of Nations
by Alex Berzovan

Indiana Jones and the Stone of the Swastika
by Rock DiLisio
Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Scrolls
by Stella Nobrega



Indiana Jones and the Spirit of the People
by Brandon Sabatula

Indiana Jones and the Circle of Fate
by Matt Maslanka
Indiana Jones and the Realm of the Dead
by Nick Franceschi


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