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Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
Art Competition
And the winners are...
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Absolute best of the contest:
Cliff Laureys

This poster is simply astonishing! You can hear Indy music, feel the seedy orient, and yet the warmth of Indiana Jones in the oranges. The whip in the foreground, and the cast shadow of Indy is so amazingly original (although slightly echoing a certain 'episode I' teaser poster). What a take on Indy, and what a perfect way to illustrate this game!


How Cliff Laureys made his 'Emperor's Tomb' poster:

The poster is made with Adobe Photoshop and contains several different layers: Indy's shadow was hand drawn, (based on a still from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark') and scanned into the computer. The whip in the corner is a scan of a real whip. The background layers are made out of different scanned pictures: a chinese wall, a dark alley, a sky, a bi-plane (with added CG smoke), and the temple (which I matted onto a picture of a mountain top.) The frame was made with paper, paint and a lighter ;). Finally, all layers were treated with several photoshop actions to make the different layers appear to be one whole.

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Best Digital Art entry:
Jacob Schloss

Simply awesome! Jacob's news article is very original and more importantly, damn well done! Jacob really took a lot of time researching to get this right. It not only looks good, it's also an interesting read! Also read Jacob's brief historical notes here under.


Jacob Schloss' brief historical notes in regards to the entry:

All of the information about the emperor's history is to the best of my knowledge accurate and taken from books and magazine articles on the subject. For example the terra cotta statues' weapons were in fact still capable of cutting leather when they were unearthed according to one book.
According to the book 'Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs' Dr. Jones did teach at Princeton University before starting at Barnett College. Einstein really did teach at Princeton's School of Mathematics from 1933-1955 and came up with the theory mentioned in 1935.
The 'Princeton Weekly Bulletin' was read by students and faculty in 1935 (and is still read today). However I made up the layout and format myself - no outside reference was used.
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Second Best Digital Art entry:
Giuliano D'Angelo

Giuliano tried to dream 'Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb' as a film sequel, not just a game. While he was making his poster entry, he most likely had Drew Struzan's work next to him as an inspiration. And it helped. Giuliano makes us wish 'Emperor's Tomb' was not only a game but also a film. Very nicely done!

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Best Classical Art entry:
Scott Oakley

This work is inspired by Dave Dorman's comic book covers, but it still maintains originality. The unity of the colors, red and green, is quite daring for an Indiana Jones poster but it's perfect and the emblem in the background works great. Nicely done Scott!

Second Best Classical Art entry:
Peter Overstreet

The composition of Peter's poster is a bit lacking, and yet the technique stands out, and is just nicely done in that respect. And if you are wondering why this digital eying entry is chosen as one of the best classical art entries, it's because the art is entirely hand done. Peter only used a bit of Photoshop in the ending.


All images contained within this section are © and property of the artists who have created the works. You may not repost or distribute these images without express, written permission from the artist. 'Indiana Jones' and related elements are © Lucasfilm Ltd. and their respective owners.


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