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Heart of the Lions Den

Made by: Steven Ramsey
Year: 2004
Country: USA

Genre: Music Video
Runtime: 4:37 min.

More info:
View the music video online at Steven's
Heart of the Lions Den page.



Steven Ramsey was inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation and Milk and Cereal. His goal was to create a combination of the best of these two movies and produce the ultimate online movie. This was solely composed by Steven, including the improvisation. Starting with a foundation of a few chords, he slowly built a theme, melody, and harmonization. Finally he added the lyrics. With the music and vocals complete, Steven focused on aligning the choreography. Using the iSight and lighting, he videotaped himself rocking out to the music he created.

Film Credits


.... Steven Ramsey
Vocals .... Steven Ramsey


.... Steven Ramsey
Piano .... Steven Ramsey
Everything else .... Steven Ramsey
Programs used .... iMac G5
m-audio Keystation
Final Cut Pro
Special thanks to .... Parker Milhous
Jesse Adamson
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