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Fedora Man

Made by: Ryan Schile
Year: 2005
Country: USA

Genre: Music Video
Runtime: 6:35 min.

More info:
Download the music video at Ryan's
Renegade Possums Productions site.



Ryan Schile wanted to write a parody song of Indiana Jones. After trying to force some concepts into writing, Ryan quickly gave up. Then one day, about 3,000 miles from his computer, Ryan was sitting in the back of his sister's car and Billy Joel's Piano Man came on the radio.
Having written several song parodies, Ryan has a tendency to change the words of songs he listens to without even thinking. Instantly, the verse "and the manager gave me a smile" morphed into "and Mola Ram gave me a smile" and the concept of Fedora Man was born.

Film Credits

Ryan Schile

.... Indiana Jones
Steven Thomas .... Piano Double

Brian Finifter

.... Kasim
Matt Muller .... Mola Ram
Joe Tessitore .... Ho Chi

Chad Camara

.... Min
Tara Jenkins .... Aunt Edote
Thomas Champion .... Bar Patron 1
Travis Sauder .... Bar Patron 2
Will Terza .... Rene Beloq
Leslie Milne .... Elsa
Anthony Vareha .... Henry Jones Sr.
Jeremy Sotzen .... Donovan
Tara Jenkins .... Thugee #1
Ryan Geoffroy .... Thugee #2
Travis Sauder .... Thugee #3
Dan Vennette .... Thugee #4
Tara Jenkins .... Marion
Written and directed by .... Ryan Schile
Vocal Talent Provided By .... Will Terza
Assistant Director .... Brian Fiifter
Director of Photography .... Cory Betzel
Edited by .... Ryan Schile
Brian Finifter
Set Design by .... Matt Muller
Ryan Schile
Casting Director .... Ryan Schile
Casting Liason .... Tara Jenkins
Make-up Artist .... Tara Jenkins
Props and Costumes by .... Ryan Schile
Props and Costumes Liason .... Matt Muller
Thaddeus Callahan
Location Scout .... Ryan Schile
Music Coordinator .... Monica Apley
All footage shot on a CANON GL-2
provided by Brian Finifter
Production Assistants .... Anastasia Taylor
Frank Arban
Pam Walker
Will Terza
Thomas Champion
Chad Camara
Dan Venette
Jeremy Sotzen
Leslie Milne
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