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Indy’s pants belt is a standard military-style web belt with a brass or steel slide buckle. In Raiders and Temple of Doom this belt was a dark brown color. In Last Crusade, the web belt was colored khaki.

click to enlarge
Raiders-style belts and
holster from Noel Howard at
in London,
before he closed down
his business.

Indy’s gun belt is simply a wide leather belt with a distinct metal notch buckle with a rounded end. In Raiders, this buckle had a metal keeper as well as a permanently attached clasp for Indy’s bullwhip. In the subsequent films, the gun belt lost the metal keeper in favor of a leather one. The belt also had a squarer buckle. The whip clasp was also changed in that it was no longer permanently affixed to the belt but slid on like a sheath or holster. You will notice in the Indy sequels that this made the whip more prone to hanging almost between Indy’s legs in certain scenes.

These belts, once offered by Noel Howard, are now replicated by a variety of sources.


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