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Indiana Jones and the Golden Fleece

Made by: Ramon G. Cabello
Year: 2006
Country: Mexico

Genre: Animated film
Runtime: ???

More info:
Download the film and other media at
Ramon's Golden Fleece site.



This animated fan film is based on the Indiana Jones and the Golden Fleece comic published by Dark Horse in 1994. Despite its comic inspiration, the original story has been adapted and some changes were made to the main story.
This movie is situated in 1941 in Greece, just after the German invasion. Indy suddenly discovers a clue that can lead him to the legendary Golden Fleece. But the road to the magic fleece is not an easy task when he discovers there are other evil groups that want it too.
From Greece to Istanbul and then to the ancient Colchis, Indy find out a dangerous path and each single step is more dangerous than the previous one.
German soldiers, Turkish secret police, a battle in the skies and an ancient sect are just some of the elements Indy has to surpass this time.


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