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Interview with Games Designer Hal Barwood
15/12/08, 1:28pm EST

Hal Barwood
Hal Barwood
Every Indy fan will know Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis as that classic "point and click" Graphic Adventure game, or as Dark Horse's comic book adaptation. Or you should have heard about it by now as this adventure (made in 1992) was once nicknamed as "Indiana Jones 4" and is today still considered to be one of the best Graphic Adventure games ever made!

But who exactly wrote and directed Fate of Atlantis? Well, let me introduce you to Hal Barwood; a true legend among the adventure game developer!
Hal Barwood has recently finished his work on Mata Hari with other gaming legend Noah Falstein -- their first new graphic adventure game in years -- and Hal was so kind to take the time and talk with Mike French about his career so far and his work on the Indiana Jones video games.

Click here to read our exclusive interview with Hal Barwood.

Of course, it wouldn't have been correct to talk about the Indiana Jones games with that damned video games section closed... So! I am glad, and relieved, to announce that the Indiana Jones Video Games section has returned! Revised, expanded and accessible to everybody!
Especially note -- not that you can miss it -- the brand new Fate of Atlantis header illustration created by the very talented Jose Angel Villar!

Posted by Gilles V


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