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Space Cowboys and Indianas
28/04/08, 5:16pm EST

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Cowboys & Indians magazine cover.
Looking like the denim man, Harrison Ford graces the cover of the June 2008 issue of 'Cowboys and Indians' - The Premier Magazine of the West - talking about, what else, his return as Indiana Jones! The magazine features great full page hi-resolution shots of Ford as Indy from the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and gives some insight on Ford's reaction to people Indiana Jones aging.

"What astonishes me', Ford says, 'is that people can't imagine Indiana Jones aging at all. Why expect any character to be frozen in time? The appeal of Indiana Jones isn't his youth but his imagination, his resourcefulness.'

His physicality is a big part of it, especially the way he gets out of tight situations. But it's not all hitting people and falling from high places. My ambition in action is to have the audience look straight in the face of character and not at the back of a capable stuntman's head. I hope to continue that no matter how old I get.'"

Ford goes on to express his thoughts on his other acting roles, his part of Conservation International, flying and giving an audience their money's worth of entertainment.

Lasso it all up at the newsstands where you can find the latest issue of 'Cowboys and Indians'.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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