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Disneyland Gets Ready for a "Summer of Mysteries"
17/04/08, 3:02pm EST

Brandon Kleyla of Indyfans has sent over some news about Disneyland's Indiana Jones event due to start on May 22nd. Unlike the Disney World Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, this Indy tie-in at Disneyland is totally different, here is what Brandon sent over after speaking with one of the members of the Creative Team.

"Indiana Jones: Summer of Hidden Mysteries".

First off, get ready to start seeing "Adventure Maps" in the park. I'm not really sure what exactly these will be, but I'm guessing they could be a typical Disneyland park map with an Indy-esque overlay, or possibly an Adventureland specific map, similar to the one they recently released for Tom Sawyers Island / Pirates Lair.

Secondly, the Adventure kicks off on... you guessed it, May 22nd! As if we Indyfans don't have enough going on that day! Yep, May 22nd is the day that Indy returns to the big screen and will be making his appearance on the crowded streets of Adventureland!

Now lets talk a little about the show! While most Disney message boards have painted the image of this being a full out stunt show, that is not the case. Nor is it the case that there would be a show similar to the recent Pirates Lair show. Not even that scale. Why? Because we're in Adventureland. The smallest area of the park, and certainly the most populated. "We already have the Indy attraction in Adventureland, that's the big one. Our "show" is made to compliment the attraction," says the Creative Team Member.

The Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries will be made of 2 different street shows! I don't know if I'm right, but I'm thinking they could be similar to the shows seen at the Disney Hollywood Studios on Sunset Blvd, or maybe even like "Laughing Stock" in Frontierland!

So what can we expect to see on May 22nd?? Well lets start with one show, the one that involves the female Archaeologist. Aparently, she gathers up some kids for an expedition, and they set off to find some artifacts in Adventureland. Only in the end, she pulls an Elsa Schnieder, double crossing her dig team. But don't fear, Indy makes an appearance and sets things straight!

The second show involves Indy, who is going after an artifact, but beware, Bad Guys are right around the corner, trying to get the artifact for themselves! This will consist of some hand-to-hand combat, on the rooftops, on the balconies, and possibly even on the rope bridge in Tarzan's Treehouse... Well, we all know how Indy will get out of that one! How awesome would that be?

Behind-the-scenes, I've been told that all members of the creative team are very much into making this an amazing experience for guests. The Creative Team Member continued by saying that "even members of the Art Department were coming over and saying they HAD to be a part of it, that it had to be true to the characters, that certain things would, or would not, happen in the world of Indiana Jones!"

That even while it may not be a large scale show, there will be a lot of "layers" to it. There will be little "things" added into Adventureland that only the die hard Indyfans will understand! So if this is done correctly, it could be very cool to find more Indy relics in Adventureland. All that's there now is the "Coronado" life saver that can be seen on the dock from the Jungle Cruise!

Long story short, the Disney Entertainment Department is very dedicated to making this a great addition to the summer entertainment. This will NOT be a permanent addition to the park, and is just a summer promotional piece and no word yet on how long it will stay, so be sure you don't miss it on May 22nd!!

Thanks Brandon for the information on the "Summer of Hidden Mysteries" -- sounds like fun!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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