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'Jack and the Jungle Lion', a Romance of Adventure!
16/08/10, 8:46am EST

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Stephen Jared
You know him as the writer of many of our Indy's Influences articles and interviews with adventure experts such as Simon Wincer, Charles Ardai, Beau L'Amour and Alan Ladd Jr.. But I bet you didn't know Stephen Jared is also a Hollywood based actor and fiction author.
And now, with his very first self published novel Jack and the Jungle Lion, Stephen Jared proves that he is not only a passionate fan of the adventure genre but also an expert in writing captivating adventure stories himself!

In his first novel, Stephen Jared shares the tale of old Hollywood legend Jack Hunter who finds himself lost after his plane crash landed in the Amazon jungle. Surrounded by giant snakes, poison pits and hostile headhunters it is up to Jack to prove animal trainer Max and her two kids he is an equal hero in real life as the macho adventurer he usually portrays on the big screen!

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Paul Shipper with his painted cover art.

Not only does Jack and the Jungle Lion turn out to be a most charming adventure story about the Golden Age of Hollywood, but to make the picture perfect -- or in this case book -- Stephen Jared turned to talented illustrator Paul Shipper to create a magnificent painted movie poster perfectly capturing the spirit of classical Hollywood adventures!

Paul Shipper is of course not an unfamiliar name to longtime visitors of as he has been contributing to this website ever since our first year in 2000. Since then he has grown from an Indyfan submitting fan work to a professional illustrator already having worked on a Lucasfilm project for the Star Wars franchise.

Visit the official Jack and the Jungle Lion website for more information on the novel and author Stephen Jared. And click here for a first review.

I'd like to end with wishing both Stephen Jared and Paul Shipper a lot of well deserved success with Jack and the Jungle Lion and the best of luck writing the sequel... for which I hope Stephen will make!

Posted by Gilles V


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