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Discovering Indy in Mickey's World
03/06/09, 12:29pm EST

What was supposed to be some fun in the sun turned into some soaking in the wetness as Florida received more rain in one week than it did in the entire 2004 hurricane season! Yet the Hallock family sought out any break in the clouds and had a good time in Disney World and Universal Studios. After finishing both of the new Indiana Jones "Young Adult" novels on the plane ride down, and knowing it was the Star Wars Weekend, I was seeking more of George Lucas' other franchise, you know the one with guy with the hat and whip.

Indiana Jones/Disney Collectibles
click to enlarge
Indy/Mickey collectibles.
So to make sure this would be a complete "Indyfan" fun-filled vacation we went looking for Indiana Jones at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I picked up some Indiana Jones collectibles that I didn't have like the new Indy pin, a shot glass, and the new Mickey as Indiana Jones plush doll. Sadly, I owned pretty much all they had at the Indiana Jones "Adventurer's Store" located right outside the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, but there were some new items, including a forthcoming "Disney Racer" 1/64 scale die cast metal car designed in the Indiana Jones spirit. The store was filled with Hasbro Indy action figures, Mighty Muggs, the Mickey/Indy action figure, T-Shirts, fedoras, some color photos and popguns and rifles, similar to the ones they sell at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. They no longer carry the metal cap guns they had in years past which were around 15.00 US and were tipped with an orange plug and handle. Perhaps the realistic look was a little too much for airline security, as my sons (then 6 and 8) had the unfortunate luck back in 2006, when they forgot to check their Indy toy cap guns in their luggage and had them tossed out into the garbage at the airport security line.

I must admit the Disney Indiana Jones store used to have more items of interest for fans of the "obtainer of rare antiquities", like metal signs, bumper stickers, small vehicle replicas, leather jackets, rubber snakes, and the Disney line of Indiana Jones action figures. But that is no longer the case, as many of the items were all too familiar, and are better priced in a Target or Wal-Mart discount aisle.

As far as collectibles, if you were looking to get into a rather unique area of Indiana Jones collecting, pins might be the way to go. They are small, relatively inexpensive, and are easily found on eBay and Disney pin trading sites. This year brings two new pins from Disney World one with a "rolling" boulder feature chasing after Mickey and the other is Indy/Mickey avoiding giant floor spikes that comes only in the Disney Hollywood Studios four pack. I have a nice collection going, and when you consider there is an Indiana Jones ride or attraction at all four Disney parks around the world, you can get a nice collection ranging from The Temple of the Forbidden Eye in Disneyland in California, to Indiana Jones Crystal Skull encounter that predates the film of similar name at the other parks in Japan and France.

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Enjoying the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
The best part of the trip was fulfilling my dream of being in an Indiana Jones scene as I was picked to be a Cairo street extra. I know it wasn't being directed by Steven Spielberg and the Indiana Jones they had there was not Harrison Ford (but hey he was an older fella and actually had braces), and my "costume" made be look like a pregnant woman rather than a cutthroat villain, but it was still cool. My fedora is off to the fan Indyfan who let me in on how to improve your chances of getting picked to be part of the show. I sat close to the right of the auditorium and waved my hands enthusiastically when they asked for volunteers. Being on the stage of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and seeing the stunts and feeling the heat of the explosions up close is very different than watching it from the audience. I know my kids will not let my acting debut be forgotten anytime soon!

Indiana Jones Art
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Posing with sketch artist
Michael Duron.
If you still are looking to walk away with a unique one of a kind Indiana Jones collectible from Disney World seek out caricaturist and Topps sketch card artist, Michael "Locoduck" Duron. You may have seen Michael's unique interpretations of the world of Indiana Jones in the recent series of Topps trading cards or tried to win some on eBay for your collection, but the great news is he works at Disney World and if you can track him down (I found him at Animal Kingdom near the Outfitters supply store) and tell him your an Indyfan, you can sit down and have him to a create an Indy-themed caricature of yourself. The one Michael did of me not only brings out my amazing good looks, but features me with several icons from Raiders of the Lost Ark and is in a place of honor in my Indy memorabilia collection. Thanks Michael.

Indiana Jones Pinball
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The Hallocks with the
Indiana Jones Pinball.
If you want a break from all the action and sun (or rain) duck into one of the many arcades you can find on Disney World property and you might be lucky enough to play a round of Indiana Jones pinball. Not only was it a great game, but the one I was playing on let get a free game four times! Besides getting a perfect score of 999,999 on Buzz Lightyear's Spin Ride in the Magic Kingdom this was the most fun I had playing a game.

As we dried off our rain ponchos and headed back to Connecticut and looked at all the buzz surrounding Star Wars Weekends at Disney from celebrity guests to costumed characters, I think back to the Indyfan day held at LegoLand (featured on the Indyfans DVD) and wondered when will our hero return in grand style to a theme park?

Hopefully soon!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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