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Hasbro Unveils Wave 3 of The Indy Action Figure Line
17/04/08, 3:41pm EST

Hasbro will be delivering with their 3rd wave of Indiana Jones action figures items that Indyfans have been waiting for for almost twenty years -- Last Crusade figures!

Starting with an amazing depiction of young Indiana Jones (the late River Phoenix), this detailed figure of Indy as he is about to be transformed into a treasure hunter is incredible with its resemblance to the on-screen actor who inspired it. Equally impressive in detail is Dr. Henry Jones, the Grail Knight, Elsa, and the the evil Nazi, Vogel! The line also includes new Indy figures as well!

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Added to the already announced line from Raiders, the Crystal Skull, Indyfans can only hope for the Temple of Doom line to keep this tradition of excellence going! Speaking of Temple, the line of Adventure Heroes featuring Indy, Mola Ram, Short Round and Willie have also surfaced. Though cartoon-ish in style, the line is also a dream come true to Indy collectors.

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Look for all these new Hasbro figures to hit in May and then during the summer.

You can already pre-order them at

Thanks to Michael Johnson for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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