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Indy 4 comic adaptation team announced!
11/10/07, 3:55pm EST

Indiana Jones Omnibus
Volume 1 cover
In this week's Star Wars: Dark Times #5 comic by Dark Horse you will find a most interesting announcement in the letter column! Dark Horse reveals the name of the writer and illustrator who will team up to adapt Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to comic books!

Dark Horse: Not only will John Jackson Miller, writer of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, be adapting the new Indiana Jones film to comics, Dark Horse will also be launching the all-new, all-ages-friendly Indiana Jones Adventures, as well as collecting its classic Indy comics in a line of Indiana Jones omnibuses.

Indyfan 'yodazone' brought this up over in the Dark Horse Star Wars forums and got a response from Associate Editor, Jeremy Barlow:

Jeremy Barlow: "It's true! And Luke Ross (Samurai: Heaven and Earth) is illustrating it! (And, not that it matters, I'm editing the whole line.) You kids are in for some kick-ass Indy comics next year, believe it!"

Be sure to pay a visit to John Jackson Miller's official site where he had already announced this news back in late August.

John Jackson Miller: "And I can also add that this is a great honor speaking as someone who not only adored the original films, but snarfed up all the old comics off the rack. I still have a spare unopened polybag with Raiders #1-3 (wonder what that's worth?) and I remember one of the earliest things I bought at a comics shop nearly 25 years ago (was it that long?) was the first issue of John Byrne and Terry Austin's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, a series I followed faithfully thereafter."

A quick search at the Dark Horse website gives you a nice overview of previous comic book projects John Jackson Miller and Luke Ross have worked on.

Thanks to 'yodazone' for mentioning this news at The Raven!

Posted by Gilles V


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