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McCallum talks about the Young Indiana Jones DVDs
26/04/07, 1:57pm EST

Dutch Lucasfilm fansite Tosche Station recently talked with Star Wars & The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles producer Rick McCallum about his career, the upcoming Star Wars TV-series and the release date of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones DVD collection.

Tosche Station: You mentioned ”Young Indiana Jones”. When will it finally be released on DVD?

Rick McCallum: "We are hoping that the first set will be released just before Christmas. I’m not sure about the date since Paramount is releasing it. Since Star Wars was finished one of the things we have been doing was making 94 documentaries which will be completed by the end of this month. (editors note: april 2007) These go with the TV series. There is a historical timeline that takes you trough the life of Young Indy and incredible documentaries about the people that he meets. That was a fun and fantastic experience."

Visit Tosche Station to read the full interview with Rick McCallum.


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