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Indy's Greatest Adventures Returns to Wii
17/11/09, 10:28am EST

If you thought the only way to live out Indiana Jones adventures in the video game realm only looked like LEGO bricks, well you are wrong! The good folks at Nintendo have dusted off the computer chips and resurrected the Super Nintendo System classic; Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures (and we ain't talking a night with Willie Scott). For only 800 Wii points you can download the game that made controllers melt with action and made thumbs sore with whip cracking action. has this brief write-up about the return of this "lost" Indy game:

Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (SNES, 1 player, 800 Wii Points): Before Lego Indiana Jones took a stab at the three original films, there was this SNES classic. You'll play through classic moments from the movies, such as the boulder chase from Raiders of the Lost Ark and the mine cart chase from Temple of Doom.

So, return to a time when the only Next Generation meant Star Trek, the word "Wii" was still just a pronoun or French for "yes" and Indy battled 64 bit enemies without the help of Mutt Williams!

And be sure to check out Nintendo Life for their review of the game.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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