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Brand New Indiana Jones Fan Fiction
25/10/08, 8:42am EST

Legend with a hat,
Whole heart, straight shot, crooked smile,
Fortune and glory.

This Indy Haiku was written by Jennifer 'Indyologist ' Feher and is one of the three new additions to our Fan Fiction Archive. The archive has also been updated with two new Indiana Jones short stories written by Natali Lekka & John Lekkas, and Phil Giunta. Both stories are in MS Word format:

Next up is a massive Fan Films Theater update with a record number of new Indy fan film projects. After that the Fan Art Museum will get a new update with some beautiful new artwork.
And once those two have been updated I will begin making a new fan work section collecting all the custom made Indiana Jones action figures, sculpts and film props!

Special thanks to Jennifer Feher, Natali Lekka, John Lekkas and Phil Giunta for their Fan Fiction!

Posted by Gilles V


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