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Indiana Jones Fan Fiction Update
10/09/09, 9:41am EST

I've got five new fan made Indiana Jones short stories & scripts for you but let us begin with a poem by Ida J.:

The legend with the whip and hat,
Scared of snakes but not the bat.

With a gunshot straight ahead,
The enemies will drop dead.

Going after ark, grail and shankara stones,
It’s not easy keeping up with Doctor Jones.

This and four other great poems can be downloaded from our Indy poems page.
Our Fan Fiction Archive has also been updated with two new Indiana Jones short stories written by David Kwasniewski and Richard Hoover. As well as three new scripts by Tony Quirk, Michael Prentice and R.S. Phillips.

Short Stories:

Indiana Jones and the Terra Cotta Diamond (.doc)
by David Kwasniewski
Indiana Jones and the Curse of Loup-Garous (.pdf)
by Richard Hoover


Indiana Jones and the Jaws of Death (Zipped .pdf)
by Tony Quirk

Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur (.doc)
by Michael Prentice

It's early 1937, Indiana Jones suffered the loss of Abner Ravenwood and wishes to give up his adventurous ways. That is until he is thrown with his former colleges Sophia Hapgood and Dr. Kingston in the search for Excalibur.


Indiana Jones and the Macedonian Empire (.pdf)
by R.S. Phillips

Picking up directly from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indy & Marion find themselves thrust right into a new adventure when a dying man interrupts that drink she promised to buy. The dying man delivers a cryptic message that means nothing at first to our heroes, but places them directly between power-mad Nazis and a group of Greek assassins in a race to uncover the lost secret to Alexander the Great’s dominion.

Special thanks to these authors for their Fan Fiction!

Posted by Gilles V


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