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Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries
20/03/08, 3:17pm EST

A report from Brandon Kleyla from Indyfans the documentary on Disney looking for some adventurers. Take it away Brandon...

And Indy thought the Streets of Cairo were crowded, wait until he hits the streets of Adventureland! That's right folks, Dr. Jones will soon be wandering the streets of Disneyland's famous Adventureland. But that's not all, according the to Disneyland Casting website, there appears to be a show in the works.

Indiana Jones® Summer of Hidden Mysteries

Seeking Male and Female Actors for Indiana Jones’ latest live-action adventure which immerses Guests in a series of experiences that include solving mysteries, battling evil villains and uncovering ancient artifacts. For all roles stage combat experience is a plus but not necessary.

Role Descriptions:
Indiana Jones: Male, 40’s; a rugged adventurer, great physical shape; can play drama, toss off comic lines and throw a punch – all with equal ability; must interact well with children
Archaeologist: Female, late 20’s–early 40’s; English accent; starts out kind and helpful but eventually reveals a villainous side; will interact with children and lead them through a series of activities.
The Bad Guy: Male; imposing stature; physical agility and stamina a must; pursues Indiana Jones through the crowded streets of Adventureland, ending in a series of balcony and rooftop confrontations.

Being a past Adventureland cast member, and anyone who's been there can tell you, the streets of Adventureland are a bit crowded! But if they take fight to the rooftops, who knows what could happen! All I know is that now we have another reason to spend all of our time in Adventureland!

No word yet on when this will begin, Auditions will take place on April 1st, and I will report more news as it comes to me.

Thank you Brandon Kleyla for this news!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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